Unboxing Lush Gift Set In Your Dreams

Hi loves, I finally got round to unboxing a Lush Gift set I was gifted for my birthday (in January!) and I thought I would snap a few pictures and do a quick unboxing for you all. The gift set I got was ‘In Your Dreams’ which contained two of my favourite products from Lush which is a bath bomb and bubble bar. I adore bubble baths so I always pick up bubble bars and bath bombs when I feel like I am running low so I was very happy to see the contents of this box. 

unboxing lush

How bright and colourful does this the packaging look? I love Lush gift packaging they always look so cheerful and this one in particular matches the content perfectly. The first thing that caught my eyes when I unwrapped it is the huge bath bomb called Granny Takes A Dip. This is what the set contained:

Granny Takes A Dip – This is a huge multi colour bath bomb that turns the bath into a vivid psychedelic colour fest. It smelled so zesty and slightly spicy and ended up turning my bath a pinkish purple. It fizzed really slowly so the fun was elongated and I’ve already picked up a replacement one. You can pick up all year round for £3.35. Find it here

Unicorn Horn – Now this one is a little bit annoying because I believe it was a Valentine exclusive and you can’t get it all year round. However it really is a gem of a product, and smells gorgeous with lavender being a prominent scent so perfect for relaxing in the tub with. It leaves so many bubbles and the water a metallic light pink shade. I used about a third of it for my bath so I think I can get two more uses out of it however I don’t want to as I know I can’t replace it easily! If it comes out again next year I will definitely be stocking up.

unboxing lush

I thought I would quickly show you my current Lush stash, it fluctuates depending on how I am feeling. If I am in the mood for bubble baths its usually full of bubble bars but right now I am in a so-so mood so it is running a little low. Currently I have Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb, 2/3 of Unicorn Horn bubble bar, Think Pink bath bomb, Space Girl bath bomb and I think The Comforter bubble bar but I’m not 100% sure as it was also a gift.

I hope you liked my quick unboxing post, and my initial thoughts. A huge thank you to my gorgeous friend Yasmin for always getting presents right :) and until next time take care, Tanzina x

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