My Top 5 Skincare Products

Hi loves, today I wanted to share with you my top 5 skincare products. I’ve been debating on writing this post because I really wanted to do it in video form so I could ramble on as much as I liked, but unfortunately timing was not on my side. However it was a topic I really wanted to share with you, so I decided to type it up instead. As expected with any favourite products, I have mentioned some of these products quite a few times before so some of them may not come as a shock to you. Below are my top favourites, (in no particular order).



1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution: I’ve talked about this little beauty so many times on here, I’ve gone through so many bottles of these that I have actually lost count. I use the product on a cotton pad pretty much every time I remove my makeup. I don’t use this solely as a cleanser, however instead I use it as a makeup remover prior to a deep cleanse of my skin. I talked about it most recently here. The cheapest I have found it is here where it is 2 x 500ml for £22.09


2. Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel: I’ve really struggled to find an eye cream that I am really fond of, as I didn’t really know what exactly I was looking for. The thing with eye creams is that they don’t actually do anything dramatic unless you have dry patches under your eyes and I wanted it more as a preventive measure for the future. However this cream I found to be really cooling and makes my skin feel moisturised – even though I thought my skin was already moisturised under my eye. I love the applicator which is like a nozzle so there no double dipping which prevents bacteria growing and the cream getting contaminated. That comes as no surprise from a hygiene conscious brand like Bioderma. You can pick it up here for only £9.46 (currently 1/3 off RRP) .

3. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream: This is my go to face cream and it has been for quite a while. Even though it has collagen boosting qualities, I prefer it for it’s moisturising non greasy formula. The cream feels like a gel/cream hybrid which sinks into my skin very easily and doesn’t just sit on top of it. It is quite pricey so I am always picking up back ups when I find good deals online on websites such as QVC and Timetospa. I’ve talked about it here way back in April 2013 if you wanted to know more about it. You can pick it up here for £40 (20% 0ff RRP)



4. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm: This is my go to cleanser and makes my skin feel so refreshed, moisturised and clean. It really rids the skin of any makeup or impurities and I don’t feel properly clean until I use it! I use it all the time and have gone through about two of these so far since I started using it in March 2013 so a little really does go a long way. As you can see I am nearly at the bottom of my current jar but I always have a handy back up ready. What I love about Elemis is they often have great deals that also come with miniature products so right now I have about 3 mini versions of these for my travel kit. You can find more about this product in a post I wrote here. You can pick this up here for £31.60 (20% off AND free P&P). Timetospa also have a few couple of affordable trial sizes here if you wanted to try before you buy the full size.


5. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: Last but definitely not least, the best lip product I have ever used. Okay technically it is not solely a lip product, it is more an all over product but I use it for my lips mostly. It really moisturises my lips well and I use it every single day. I love how a little goes a long long way and even my best friend is now hooked onto it. I had a 30ml size in my handbag which I let him try one day when he had chapped lips, and then I never got it back! I also use it for dry skin patches as nothing gets rid of them as quickly as this does. I’ve talked about it here if you wanted to know more about it. You can pick it up here for £20 with free P&P.

As someone who tries a lot of different products, it really has to be something special to make it into my favourites and these have met the mark. I also have to ‘add on’ products that are favourite such as masks and exfoliators so let me know if you’d like to know about those. My skin type is normal/dry if you were wondering. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I shall speak to you soon. Tanzina x

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