Favourite Purple Lip Products

With spring starting to settle into the UK, I thought I would brighten up my makeup looks to suit the season. Without daring bright shadows on a daily basis I thought the best way to jazz up your look is simply by adopting a bold lip.  I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and start wearing purple lip a little more often, and although I don’t do wear it every day, when I do it does make the statement I want it to. Today I want to share with you all my favourite purple lip products.

Purple Lip Products

The first lip combo is one I have previously spoken about on here and it is a mixture of a lip pigment and lip pencil. It is a mix of purple and fuchsia, and wow is it bright! However with purple tones becoming more popular this shade now looks more trendy than shocking. Here are the products I used:

nyx deep purple

occ purple lip tar

NYX Lip Pencil in Deep Plum: I’ve tried a few purple lip pencils and this one is definitely my favourite. The shade is a deep warm current shade, almost a deep wine colour. I have had other bolder pencils but I love the berry undertones in this colour as it definitely makes me feel more comfortable when attempting a purple lip. Sometimes I wear this lip pencil all over the lip as a matte berry purple lip as well as wearing under other products. You can pick this up for £3.50 here

OCC Lip Tar in Demure: I feel a little guilty about sharing this one with you all as it is no longer available to buy, I picked it up years ago when they still had their old packaging. However there are other similar shades such as Hoochie (which is a close dupe) and Strumpet (which is more pink toned and more wearable) so I thought I would share it in case you were interested. Lip Tars are basically highly pigmented lip glosses that coat your lips in colour. I have a few lip tars from OCC, I think my collection stands at 6, but this is definitely my favourite. It’s a gorgeous colour that can be worn sheered out (by dabbing it on the lips) or with full impact like I wore it in the below picture. You can pick it up here.

purple lip easy

In terms of purple lipsticks I have two that I really enjoy using. One is a little more wearable than the other, however I do really like them both quite equally.

mac heroine swatch

mac heroine swatch

illamasqua ESP swatch

illamasqua ESP swatch

MAC Heroine: I picked this up after hearing so many people rave about it,  it was a limited edition but due to it’s popularity MAC decided to add it to their permanent collection. This is a red toned purple, with a matte finish which really compliments many skintones. I love the creamy matte texture of this lipstick as it really glides over the lips without drawing attention to any dry cracked patches, something you would really want to avoid when wearing a bold lip. I think I need to wear this a little more often. You can pick it up here for £15.50

Illamasqua ESP: This is a true gem of a find, and  it was actually a lipstick I won in a competition Illamasqua were running over the 2013 Christmas period. This is described as a vivid violent with a matte finish and it definitely is that. This is probably the least wearable of my purple lipsticks however I think it is my favourite. I’ve only worn it a few times, and used it for makeup looks, but I think I need to adopt a ‘I don’t care’ attitude and rock it a little more. It is a very unique shade, I think one that has not yet been duped. With it’s rich  violet shade and pink undertones and a slight blue shimmer, it is quite a rare lipstick shade. You can pick it up here for £18.50. I wore it with bold makeup in the look below:

illamasqua ESP swatch

Those are my four favourite purple shades, I am sure I will come across more in the future but right now these four are more than enough to keep me going. I was going to do a favourite red lipstick post, but wow that would be such a long post! Also one of my favourite reds is actually by Limecrime, who I have lost a lot of respect for after seeing the way they have treated their customers after a recent security breach on their website – but hey that’s another story! If you are interested though just Google #LimecrimeLies. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I shall speak to you soon. Love, Tanzina x

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