Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition 8 Hours Cream

With winter approaching much quicker than I ideally would have liked it to, it is that time of the year that I start taking precautions to ensure my already dry skin doesn’t suffer too much from the chappy, windy weather that is sure to accost me on any given day. As I am getting older, I am noticing my skin’s natural defences are getting weaker and I need good moisturisers and balms to help prevent those horrid dry patches I encounter on my face and body – gone are the days when my skin would just bounce back and recover by itself without much help. Today I thought I would grumble a little over the changes that are occurring and also introduce you to my winter saviour.


When I say ‘introduce’, let’s be honest here and address that this product needs no introduction. Everyone and their aunt know about the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. It has a cult status in the world of beauty and rightly so, this product is holy grail to me and many other people simply due to it’s amazing healing and restorative powers. This is what I use to combat my stubborn dry patches and this is what I slather on when I feel like I can sense one surfacing. I have to admit, I need a slap on the wrist because April – September I do forget that I have this beauty in my stash and it’s only when my skin starts misbehaving that I panic and remember what got me through the previous year’s spell of cold weather. Naughty Tanzina.


I use this pretty much everywhere. As I type, I have slathered it all over my lips so I am sure to wake up with lipstick ready lips in the morning, and I have also massaged it into my thigh because I have a really really nasty dry patch which just does not go away! I don’t know why I haven’t been using the 8 Hour Cream on this but hopefully now that I have introduced the two, the former should disappear. Urgh, my skin is so rubbish. I never used to need body moisturiser but these days my skin is so dry and irritating. Think I should get into the habit of after shower moisturising. See – I promised you some grumbling; I’m in a really ‘everything-is-annoying’ mood right now.


Getting back to the point, the item I wanted to share with you today is Limited Edition Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant which has been loving enveloped in luxurious gold packaging for the coming festive month. The jar itself contains the much raved about product which I deem an absolute necessity, and the feel of the jar overall is rather luxurious. It is very gold and rather Christmassy, certain to be a perfect present for someone who like myself likes to be protected against the chappy winter weather. The jar contains 30ml of product which I think is just right, I think a little really does go a long way and for someone who hasn’t tried this before, this is the perfect trial size. The thing I love most about this product is actually the price, I expected this to easily climb into the £30-£35 price mark and I would have happily paid that but it is just £20. Hand on my heart; I think that is a steal.

You can pick this beauty up here with free delivery.

I hope you liked today’s post, I know it was a little grumbly but look at the weather (don’t tell me if you aren’t in the UK and are currently witnessing the sun)!! I just need to get my grumbly comments off my chest. If you are like me, make sure you try this beauty as it has been quite the lifesaver for me recently. Pop along to your nearest Elizabeth Arden counter and try it for yourself. I almost forget to mention they have a limited edition Lip Protectant too! Find that here.  Until next times loves, have a good day x

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