My Canada Beauty Haul

It has been quite a while since I returned back to the UK, so it is about time I share with you all the beauty bits I picked up from my trip in Canada over ­a month ago! I actually was very restrained and feel like I have been restrained with all beauty areas of my life recently however I did pick up a few little goodies to treat myself. I had a mental list of things I wanted, and we all know what happens with mental lists, we forget half of the items! Read on to find out what items I didn’t forget.




I picked up a mixture of drugstore products and some MAC goodies too. There was a MAC Pro store near my Uncle’s house so I ended up in there a few times. But before I get into that let’s start on Bath and Body Works. Now I picked up some non beauty items from there such as candles, candle holders and car freshners but today I thought you’d be more interested in the more beauty related item of hand sanitiser. I picked up LOADS of these little beauties; I actually didn’t photograph them all! I found a Bath & Body Works outlet and I will admit I went a little crazy in there. Don’t worry, I didn’t get greedy, these all aren’t for me. Some are just mine (obviously) but I picked up lots to give away to my friends and family. They were pretty pleased – who wouldn’t be!


I’ve been meaning to take better care of my nails so while browsing the drugstore aisles I stumbled across the huge Sally Hansen section. I ended up picking up cuticle care in the form of Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab  and Cuticle Remover. I have been using them and my cuticles do look much better and less dry than before but I will have to keep reminding myself to keep maintaining them. I’ve never had an EOS Balm, I’ve had lots of people rave about them so I thought I might as well pick one up and see how well I get along with it. I picked mine up in the Pomegranate Raspberry flavour and if I get along well with this one I will be picking up more.


I also was gifted this little tangle teaser dupe called Tangle Tamer Max from my lovely Auntie in Canada because I couldn’t find my hair brush one day and I have been using it every day since. I tidied it all up and ut it back in its box for you all to see but it’s being used on a daily basis. I haven’t had a tangle teaser before so I can’t really compare to the original but I know it has been great at sorting through my curls and tangles.


Now let us get on to MAC and the makeup purchases. I popped into MAC just to see what the Canadian version was like and all in all it was pretty much the same as the one in the UK albeit slightly cheaper. I knew I had one thing I needed to pick up and that was MAC Fix+. I have been using this handy little spray to dampen my small buffing brush and then blend my under eye concealer. There are lots of good uses for this setting spray such as using it with pigments and such so I’m looking forward to playing with this more.

Talking about pigments, how cute is this dinky little pigment that found it’s way back to UK with me. This is the MAC Blue Brown pigment. I absolutely love the brown green duo shades that you sometimes find in nail polishes and no eye shadow has ever been able to truly capture that effect for me. That is until now. This little beauty retailed for $12 + vat and I thought the size was perfect because I think I would actually be able to work through it rather than let it sit in my collection for years and years. I’ve already been incorporating it into makeup looks and loving it, so if I get time I will try to create a makeup look using it.


Highlight is so 2014 and I just cannot get enough. I picked up this gorgeous shimmering blush that highlights my cheeks so well. This is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze, and I have been pretty much using it for every makeup day since purchasing it. I can add it liberally for a soft finish, or pat it on for super highlighted cheeks. The next limited edition Mineralize Skin Finish will most definitely be coming home with me. I might also pick it up in Soft & Gentle which is a permanent shade.

Finally, did you really think I would leave without a lipstick? In my defence this was already on my to-buy list, this is All Fired Up from the MAC Retro Matte collection. If you’ve read my posts before you’d know I absolutely love a matte finish so when the Retro Matte collection came out I knew I had to pick up a few shades. I think I’m pretty happy with the four Retro shades I have in my collection.

That is all I picked up from Canada, and yes I am a little bitter about products I forgot to pick up! I did however indulge in lots of clothes shopping, and to be honest right now my makeup buying skills can do with a little neglecting. I’m concentraing more on creating a winter wardrobe, something I have always failed to do every year! So I’m all about knits and jumpers this season. I hope you enjoyed my haul post and until next time, have an amazing day. Tanzina x

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