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Hi loves, today I thought I would type a quick blog post about two products that I always find myself repurchasing. As much as I would love to keep repurchasing my more premium products, it isn’t always viable however I love it when I find affordable products that don’t break the bank that I can keep buying over and over again. Read on to find out my mascara and eyeliner favourites. 



The L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black, I first purchased this little beauty all those years ago when it first came out. I was attracted to its huge plastic wand and the super black colour pay off it had. Ever since, I have played around with many different mascaras, I think currently I have about 4 on the go, but this remains my favourite. No other mascara volumises and separates my  lashes as well as this and I can pick it u at my local Superdrug or Boots for £10.99. You can find it here.


The 2True Liquid eyeliner has made so many appearances on my blog so of course it was going to be on my must repurchase list. I absolutely love this eyeliner, when I start to run a little low I always make sure I stock up lots! They are so affordable at 3 for £5 and as Superdrug do free delivery over £10 I always end up buying 6 liners to last me awhile. I always get comments made about my eyeliner saying how do I get it so dark and so matte, and this baby is the answer. Could not recommend this enough. Unfortunately my local Superdrug no longer stocks 2True but some bigger ones do. Superdrug, you better not stop selling these online! You can pick these up here.

I told you today’s post was going to be a quick one but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you while it was still fresh on my mind. Once I start using products and they are incorporated into my daily makeup, they quickly become ‘old news’ to me and I forget to blog them. If anyone has must repurchase products both luxury and affordable please make sure to share. Until next time dolls, have a great day. Tanzina x

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