Silky Legs Must Haves

Today I thought I’d talk about one of those really graceful topics – shaving our leg hairs. I know, it isn’t the most pleasant subject and I will spare you the close up images of myself during the process but it is something beauty related, and a necessity to most. I won’t judge if you don’t, each to their own I suppose but I personally hate getting past the stubbly stage. Urgh, it gives me goose bumpy feeling just thinking about it, it must be a pet peeve. Now when I’m in trousers and thick thick tights, I can get away from not really shaving my legs but since I love wearing maxi skirts, at the off chance my skirt blows up (please God, don’t let that ever happen) I always like to have silky soft legs ready for the occasion. Also I love the feel of freshly shaved legs and clean bed sheets. Surely that can’t be just me! 



So I thought today I would share my trusty recipe to silky smooth legs. Firstly, I prep the legs. I have quite a few ingrown hairs which really really bug me. So to combat that I use a really strong scrub, and as the skin on your legs isn’t all delicate as the skin on your face, you really can work that scrub in. For my body scrub I use St. Ives Invigorating All Over Body Scrub. St.Ives was the first facial exfoliator I ever used, back in the days where it still had the old packaging. I still use the facial exfoliator every now and again, and everyone in my family uses it too. I find this body scrub to be more abrasive as expected in comparison to the facial one, and is just perfect at helping remove dead skin and prevent in grown hairs from appearing. On days when I’ve had more ingrown hairs crop up than normal, I just use the scrub on ever so slightly damn legs to get the full affect. The wetter your legs are, the less abrasive the scrub is. Once I’m given my legs a thorough scrub, I rinse them off.


Next, the shaving part. Now I will be honest, and it is very naughty of me and I’m so glad my dad/brother don’t read my blog but.. yes I use their shaving gel. So most days you’ll find me using the men’s Dove/Gillette shaving gel on my legs and I am not ashamed to admit it! They always buy it and they steal my nice smelling shower gels so it is only fair! Now onto the razors, I used to use these Gillette Venus razors I believe but when I went on holiday back in April to Dubai I just found it easier to use disposables. Recently I have been using Wilkinson Sword Quattro disposables, I find them to be just as good as the more expensive non disposable razors and I get a really soft silky result. Some razors sometimes don’t seem to cut the hair at the root and this definitely do and they are very well priced at £5.79. I think I’ve most definitely become a disposable convert now and most likely a Quattro convert!

So that is how I get legs that are maxi dress/skirt appropriate and also legs that feel amazing in my pajamas. You can pick up both the products at Superdrug/Boots and I think it’s nice to share some more affordable goodies every now and then because we all use them, we just forget to mention them because they blend in with our every day necessities like toothpaste! You can pick up the St Ives Body Scrub here for £5.49 and the Quattro disposables here for £5.79. I hope you liked my quick post today, and until next time, speak to you soon :) Tanzina x

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