Hi guys, I know I haven’t posted a blog post in so so long but whilst I was in Canada, because I had been so shattered prior to the break I decided I really need a ‘switch off’ period to recharge my batteries. However I am now back and ready to start getting back into blogging. Today I thought I would start off with a blog post which is almost stepping into the recent past, as it is of events that occurred just before I flew out to Canada. Don’t worry, we will soon step back into the present but until we do, I hope you enjoy this post. It is named: Moments That Matter

Moments that matter is quite an interesting title to post I think. I think it’s mostly because special moments are so personal to people, and they vary drastically person to person. Well the people over at Sure asked me to capture some of my ‘Moments That Matter’ and as this is a week where I’m having so much going on with my life I thought what better time. So without much further ado, let’s share some snaps.

As some of you know, I’ve known I’m heading over to Canada for a fortnight and as excited as I am, I do really get sad at the prospect of leaving my loved ones behind. I know it’s silly but.. It’s just the way I am. It’s a short period I know, I know, but the thought of having limited contact with someone you see and speak to every day? It is sad, at least for me! To make up for the upcoming lost time I thought I’d do something special with my best friend, so we went out for a really nice spa day and meal. Here’s a few snaps from moments that surely do matter to me.

image (11)

image (13)

image (15)

image (16)

Despite my relaxing spa break it wasn’t long till I was back at work, at the office, dealing with stress and emails piling up. Now when that happens, I desperately need some me time. I had plans during the week with a friend, but I cancelled plans (pretending to be sick, naughty Tanzina) and just had a day in relaxing with candles, face mask and a book. That really is my idea of heaven. Also, did you know that stress related sweat smells worse than exercise induced sweat? Slightly off topic, but with all the upheavals at my work place recently Sure Maximum Protection has been an absolute saviour for me!

image (23)

For my last day in the UK I decided to go out again with my best friend for a meal. Meal = date night dress up! I went for the classic smokey look with bright red lips. We ended up going for an Indian which I have to admit is probably my favourite cuisine. I always opt for Prawn Puri if it is on the menu, sometimes I am a little cheeky and do ask if they can make it especially for me. It’s like a prawn mixture with onions and spice on top of a paratha (bread like thing).

image (19)

image (18)

image (17)

It wasn’t long until I was on my long haul flight to Canada, and it was time to get comfy. I had a rather comfortable pillow seated next to me in the form of my beloved father. I did hear him complaining to my Mum once we arrived that I didn’t let him sleep peacefully. I did feel a little guilty. Once I get on the flight I usually cleanse my face, put some moisturiser on and try to fall asleep ASAP. I hate lift off and found my way of combating it is trying to fall asleep! Here’s a snap of one of my carry on beauty bags. I travelled ridiculously heavy this time round.

image (24)

#MomentsThatMatter Kit



I thought I’d end the post with a ‘Moments That Matter’ kit idea, a little kit that will be sure to help you create a few moments of your own. This is what I’d include in my kit:

  • Sure Maximum Protection – Clean Scent
  • Hair spray
  • Mini hair brush
  • Tic Tac
  • Bach Rescue Remedy
  • Mac lipstick – Russian Red
  • OPI polish – Big Apple Red
  • Travel candle
  • Roll A Sole
  • Starbucks gift card

That is it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my life and little things that matter to me. Let me know what you’d put in your #momentsthatmatter kit. I promise to be up to date with posts soon and take you back into the present with my next post. Until next times loves, have an amazing day.

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