‘Pink Related’ Makeup Look ft. UD Naked 3

Hi guys, I’ve decided to through myself back into blogging this week by doing a super quick post on a makeup look I recently created. I’m not sure what to name the look, something pink related.. maybe that is what I will call it, ‘Pink Related’. This is a look I created with the Naked 3 palette which I am just absolutely loving, more so than my other two Naked palettes. Shock, horror! If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I recently created a date night makeup look with the Naked 3 palette which you can have a look at here. So without much further ado, let’s get onto my ‘Pink Related’ makeup look. 

This one isn’t as heavy as the date night look, I’d easily wear this one during the day. I think matte looks are a lot more wearable, they aren’t as glitz and glam as shimmery looks but I would admit that I’m not one to listen to the rules and basically go as heavy/light as I like despite whatever time of the day it is. For the eyes I decided to opt for mattes, a smudged eyeliner on the bottom lash line and no false lashes. Let’s get onto the products used.



Eye Products Used: 

Brow Products Used: 



For the face I stayed quite basic and stuck to my usual concealer, blush, contour and highlight routine. Writing that all out doesn’t sound as basic as it really is, but I promise it is so quick! I usually clean up around the eyes with concealer and then highlight, contour and add my blush. I used my beloved Daniel Sandler Spicey Watercolour Blusher which I dab on with my fingers and then blend. That blusher really is something special. For my lips, I went for a slightly ombre effect with the aid of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. I went in with a bright pink lip pencil and lipstick then faded the centre with Milk. I then topped the fade with a nude to make the look more wearable.

Face Product Used:

Lip Product Used:

That is it for the look, I told you this was going to be a pretty quick post to get me back into my bloggin mojo which I have to admit has been slacking recently. I have quite a bit going on at the moment, and a holiday to pack for too! I am jetting off on Monday to Canada, Toronto to visit my family for two weeks which I am extremely excited about. I haven’t started packing at all so I do need to get a move on with that. I’ll try to create a few travel related post, but no promises! Until next time lovelies, I hope you have an amazing time. Tanzina x

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