My IMATS Haul 2014

Hi loves, yes I’ve finally gotten round to it and as you can see from the pictures and the title, I’m finally going to share my IMATS haul and talk about my experience. I promise I haven’t been putting this off on purpose but I’ve had a million and one things going on at the moment. But without further ado let’s get on to it!


Okay let’s talk about my experience briefly. I decided to go on the Sunday simply because the Saturday had sold out. Unfortunately it fell on the first day of Ramadhan, a super hot day and a day where the Overground (that is right placed next to the venue) was closed. I thought I’d beat the crowd by going around the time the doors opened but.. nope! It was really packed and busy and it’s fair to say without drink or food I was a little bit cranky. BUT I was determined to make the most of my time there, so I breathed in deeply and carried on shopping. Hey, that should be a meme thing!

I had a few stalls and items I wanted to pick up however I was slightly disappointed as I didn’t get a chance to get everything. I wanted to get a few brushes from Crown Brush but it was SO busy that I gave up and walked off. I also wanted to pick up Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet but that sold out. I did intend to buy a lot more than I did but unfortunately nothing caught my attention enough. I shouldn’t fret because I’m better off not spending as much money as I usually do in these kind of events! Complaining aside, I did manage to pick up some pretty pieces.

nars hungry heart

nars hungry heart

Let’s start with what I got first. I made my way to the NARS stall which was right near the front and picked up a highlighter I’d had my eye on forever. I picked up Highlighting Blush Duo in Hungry Heart – a super glittery highlighter, not subtle at all, and right up my street. NARS describe it as an ivory gold/pink sand with shimmer. I think I got it for around £18 when it retails for £30. Find it here



Next I picked up a solid brush shampoo that the lovely Safiyah (Frootibeauty) had recommended. This is the Clean Brush Shampoo in Rose scent. I’ve already been using this so it’s not as pretty as it could be inside however this stuff is SO good at cleaning my brushes. They’re probably now the cleanest they’ve ever been. Thanks Clean!


I’ve been meaning to try the makeup artist Zukreat’s makeup line, especially the best seller – Artist of Makeup Contour stick. I picked up the stick in Dark, because that way I can apply it liberally for a soft finish or apply it normally for a strong contour. The product is actually really good, and well deserved of the hype that surrounds it. I’ve been using it rather stingy-ly so that it’s still pretty to picture but now I’ve snapped it I can use it more often! It’s a lovely creamy consistency that blends out really well. I definitely want to pick up more shades and the highlight stick. You can find it here for £18


Next I went over to one of my favourite eye lash brand – Eldora False Lashes. I think they had an offer of 3 pairs for £10 so I picked three gorgeous and very wearable lashes. I can’t wait to create looks with these, I’ve been waiting to snap them too before I use them but I couldn’t wait with H151, it’s too pretty! These lashes are so light, well structured so they apply well. I couldn’t recommend them enough. I also picked up ‘stack’ lashes, so two lashes stacked together to create a thicker fuller finish. I haven’t tried stacked lashes before so can’t wait to see how I get on.



Did I tell you Crown Brushes really annoyed me because they were so busy? It’s not their fault but I wish I went Sat morning :( next time! However I did pick up a brush from a different brand I’ve been meaning to try. This pink beauty is a blending brush from the brand Bedellium. It is the Eye 785 Tapered Blending brush and was only £5! I can’t wait to try it and just see if the brand is as good as people make out.




My final stop of the day – Sugar Pill! By this moment in time I was really drained and exhausted however seeing the lovely Amy, the founder of the brand, quite literally brightened the day up. Isn’t she a sight for sore eyes! I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to pick up from the brand and I’m sure if I wasn’t so drained I would’ve picked up much more but in the end I opted for two pigments in the form of Darling and Goldilux. The first one I knew I HAD to pick up was Goldilux which is a gorgeous true gold shade that has taken Instagram by storm. I also picked up Darling which is a gorgeous bright teal emerald shade which I couldn’t wait to experiment with. So experiment I did, and I created this smokey look below:



That is all for my haul this year, I guess even though I did pick up a few pretty pieces I was slightly underwhelmed with what I came back with. I think that was more my fault for forgetting to book tickets in time, and ending up with the wrong day! Next time I’ll be more prepared. On the plus side, at least my bank balance wasn’t dented too much! Hope you liked my haul, speak soon. Tanzina x

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