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Hi love, today I thought I would do a different kind of post – a tag. I haven’t done a tag on the blog before and I thought it would be a great way to show my personality a little bit and get to know me better. Without much further ado, let us get on to it.

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1. Do you have a middle name?
I actually have two, one of them is Urmi which means waves as in sea waves

2. What was your favorite subject in school?

I had a few I think, one being English Literature and another Art
3. What’s your favorite drink?
I think it is sparkling cloudy lemonade and.. lemon and mint juice. Absolutely love that at the moment
4. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Tove Lo (Habits Remix) – Stay High

5. What would you name your children?
I haven’t fully decided but there is one boy’s name I like. But I can’t share because I’m one of those that is like ‘you’ll steal my name!’

6. Do you participate in any sports?

Is running late a sport? If so I really do partake in that one! On a more serious note – I’d love to say I swim, but I stopped going in the last few months 

7. What’s your favorite book? 

That is a horrible question as I have so many favourites, but what I am currently itching to re-read is Gone with the wind

8. What’s your favorite color?

For the past two years it has been a pastel mint green. But that’ll change!

9. What’s your favorite animal?
I’m not sure, maybe cats?

10. What’s your favorite perfume?
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, I talked about it lots here.

11. What’s your favorite holiday?
I think it was definitely my most recent, Dubai and Saudi with my family. I have lots of pictures here.

12. Have you graduated from High School?
Well I am guessing these were not written by anyone in the UK, but yes I completed high school

13. Have you been out of the country?
Yes, most recently Dubai and Saudi

14. Do you speak any other languages?
My mother tongue is Bengali so yes pf course. 
15. Do you have any siblings?
Yes, 2 brothers and 1 sister but I am the eldest 

16. What’s your favorite store?

I have no idea, hmm.. right now I am thinking IKEA and TK MAXX home department so maybe home decor related stores? I’m liking Zara for their shoes too!

17. What’s your favorite restaurant?
I’m not sure, ah these questions are so hard. I go to so many different places so often, can I just say what I am craving right now instead? Nachos from Zizzi’s. I do love fine dining as well, but as you can imagine I don’t do that often enough.
18. Do you like school? 

I think I actually do, if I have some time later on I might do my Masters degree. I really did enjoy being a student, but maybe it was just the lack of responsibility I was loving!

19. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
I love Lisa Eldridge, Bubz Beauty, Pixiwoo’s.. I’ve recently discovered Miss Maven who is beautiful and amazing.

20. What’s your favorite movie? 

I don’t really know, I like so many. The Notebook?

21. What are some of your favorite TV shows?
The Vampire Diaries, Revenge, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Downton Abbey, Glee, Nashville, Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf and The Originals. Shall I carry on? I do love my programmes.. oh and of course Made in Chelsea and TOWIE

22. PC or Mac?
I currently use PC but I do want to move on Macs soon
23. What phone do you have?

IPhone 5S

24. How tall are you?
I am 5 foot 3 inches

25. Any pets? 

Nope, I’d love a kitten but don’t know if I am responsible enough

That is it for my get to know me tag, I do hope you liked it and got to know me a tiny bit better. I think my next post is going to have to be a haul as I have been naughty and I have been shopping. That is okay sometimes right? I also popped into IMATS London last week, though I did not pick up as much as I thought I would but I will try and do a catch up post on that too. Until next time loves, have a lovely day x

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