Essential: Sure Maximum Protection Anti Perspirant

Morning loves, I thought I’d start up an essentials series and today I thought I’d start with the most ladylike issue of all (not), sweaty pits! If you’re going to jump in, you might as well start at the deep end right?

sure women maximum protection review

I’ve been really lucky for the majority of my life, it takes me ages to break a sweat.. Most of the time I went out without any deodorant or antiperspirant and it was not an issue at all. When I went to the sauna, it would take ages to work on me. But as I’ve gotten older it’s started to stop being so kind to me and on even slightly warm days I need to turn to the helping hand of Sure Women Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant (in scent: Confidence).

I’ve been trying out a few brands, roll -ons and spray antiperspirant but this is the one that I’ve been enjoying the most. I haven’t actually tried any deodorant that is like this, it’s like a cream product that is wound up and applied and disappears once rubbed in. This has been the most effective one I’ve used so far – it doesn’t feel wet when applied and I don’t need to flap my arms around for ages before I can put clothes on. I know that aerosol deodorants aren’t really best for the environment so I if I can avoid them, why not?

sure women maximum protection review

sure women maximum protection review

Overall I would definitely recommend this little essential – it retails for £4.29 (here) so it is affordable and it is great for keeping your underarms moisture free. Whilst I’m working the last thing I’d want to is sweat patches and with our temperamental office air conditioning that really is a possibility! This product ensures that does not occur and I avoid embarrassing situations. A must have and an addition to my permanent repurchase list.

Hope you liked this quick post. Let me know what you are all loving and see as essentials. 

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