My Every Day Makeup Look

Okay let’s start with admitting that the title of this post isn’t actually 100% correct but let me explain before you right me off as a liar. These days, my every day look consists of brows, mascara, concealer and blush. If I’m feeling like I have extra minutes in the morning I might use a lip product that isn’t lip balm. However this is my fancy every day makeup look, the days where I have those extra ten minutes to apply eyeshadow and a bit of contour. So let’s get on to it.


I am no longer that girl clearly put effort into her makeup, now I’m the girl who always avoid pencil liner because I KNOW it is going to smudge after 8 hours of working in front of a computer screen. However there are some days when that makeup loving junkie in me starts craving attention and I do it any ways. This look takes me minutes to do and it looks like I have put in some effort. I use 4 eyeshadows, my most used shadows actually that have a post of their own – here.


Products Used:


I start with filling in my brows, and then adding MAC Brulee to my brow bone. Next I sweep Wedge over the lid and add a mixture of Brown Down and Carbon to the crease and outer V. I blend that out with Wedge. Simple really! Hence why it is an every day look. Next I apply liquid liner, and line my waterline with the Avon pencil. I also add that to the bottom lash line, smudge it out and go over it with Brown Down. Finally with a bit of mascara, the eyes are done.

For my cheeks, I contour slightly and then add blush. The colour changes every now and then but Daniel Sandlers Spicey is a regular favourite. I am loving adding Illamasqua Furore as my highlight, it is just so light but perfect and lasts all day without looking like it needs to be retouched. I highly recommend it. Lip changes day to day, I was feeling for a bit of pink that day but usually I do tend to opt for a red lip obviously.

every day makeup look

And that is pretty much it. Quick, simple and easy – exactly what I strive for in the morning. Usually I am half asleep when I am doing this so it is perfect for my barely awake mood. I’ve started to wear a little more colour this past week in terms of shadows, I really do need to embrace colour this summer. That is it for this post, it’s quite a quick one but I think that every day makeup looks should be quite quick. Until next time loves, have a good day ♥

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