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I’m definitely a long hot bath kind of girl, well I used to be until I started working and I couldn’t afford to regularly spend and hour plus in the bath. However just because I can’t do it often, doesn’t mean I try to indulge when I get the chance. Most nights I plan to have a bath but I’m usually too strapped for time and have to decide between a longer sleep or a bath and my sleep always comes first meaning a quick shower it is. But when I do get the chance to indulge, I really do indulge.

kneipp review

kneipp review

Like I’ve already said, recently sleep is like gold dust to me, I appreciate every second of it. Previously (in my student life) I used to sleep upto 10-11 hours but it used to be light, interrupted sleep which probably wasn’t very healthy for me and it used to be at crazy hours, I’d go sleep at 6AM and wakeup around 5PM, my whole day used to be wasted away. However now that I have gotten into a routine I only get aroun 6-7 hours a day (huge change) and I have to make sure that it’s a well rested deep sleep. Now if you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know I love a hot bubble bath, it’s the perfect medicine for me when I’m sad or tired but recently I discovered a new love that doesn’t include bubbles – cue shock and horror. I’ve heard quite a bit about Kneipp before, especially their bath salts that are said to work wonders and actually fulfil what they promise. I thought it was about time I put that to the test.

kneipp sleep

kneipp review


I’ve got Deep Sleep, Muscle Soothing and Cold & Sinus Relief in my bath salt collection, and I have to admit the childish side of me reached straight for Deep Sleep due to it’s bright blue colouring. This contains Valverian and Hops and is said to help sleep well and feel more rested. Hops is known for its calming qualities and Valreian has been used since medieval times to reduce stress. I poured the bath salts in, about half a cup and watched with child like glee as my bath turned bright blue. And that’s when the scent hit me, this beautiful herbal scent that smells like fresh herbs and garden flowers. It’s hard to describe but it just smells so fresh and therapeutic. I filled my bath up with pretty hot water and sunk in, and it just felt so good. I’m not sure if it was a placebo effect or it really is that effective, but I felt like falling asleep there and then. I have never had a reaction like that before and believe me I cannot wait to have another Kneipp bath tonight and get the same effect.

I really do want to try more from the Kneipp range (mostly colourful salts more than anything). I also have some bath oil/treatments which I need to get round to using. I thought, and please forgive me for this Kneipp, that bath salts were out dated and for the more mature market but I was so wrong. I’ve had such pleasant results from my first experience that I can’t wait to try more. You can see more from the brand here. Okay I’m off now to have a super relaxing bath and fall asleep. Night night x

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