Holiday Pictures: Saudi Arabia

Hi guys, I have been missing for so long. I have been so overwhelmed with catch up at work and always so exhausted when I get home that I just want to sit there and do nothing. However I really am going to try make more of an effort and create more blog posts and get this blog up and running again. I thought today like I promised in the last post rather than concentrating on beauty bits, I would share more pictures from my holiday. I know I’ve spoken about it enough but it is always nice to share personal pictures and I hope you like looking through them too. These ere all taken in Saudi Arabia.


At a gold shop patiently waiting for Mother to finish


The markets


Turkish restaurant


Climbing Mount Noor where Cave Hira is situated


The view on our journey to Taif, we got even higher and higher to reach the town


Lazy baboons




Date trees


You see these everywhere, blankets out filled with goods to be sold



Carrot Stack!


All grown in Taif

As expected I enjoyed my two and a half weeks off so much, I saw such amazing sights and I really wish I could record it all with my eyes and play it back. I made a few videos mostly whilst we were quad biking in Taif (in Saudi Arabia). But I have to admit, I was really glad to be home, simply to sleep in my own bed. Nothing really beats sleeping in your bed no matter how nice the hotel is. I missed my bed so bad, Also the food, I missed Coco-Cola that actually tasted like the real UK Coke and I missed real Asian (Indian) food because no one there seemed to get it right. But one thing that really did perk me up was the fact that right next to my hotel in Madinah (Saudi again) there was a Pinkberry! I had frozen yoghurt treats every day and it came with it’s own ice pack due to the heat. Yum! Until next time, take care. Tanzina. 

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