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Hi loves, feels like absolutely ever since I have sat here and typed away and written something. It has been nearly 3 weeks since I actually typed on a keyboard but I did get a chance to write away on my phone whilst I was in Dubai. I thought today as a way to ease myself back into blogging I would share a few snaps and tell you what I have been up to.




I haven’t had a full family holiday since 2006 so my Dad decided it was high time we went away somewhere. Initially the plan was last summer however as we required a visa to get into Saudi, and due to visa issues we were unable to acquire one and our holiday was cancelled a week before we were jetting off. Fair to say I was extremely disappointed so when we booked it this time round, I made no preparations and did not get my hopes up at all. Luckily this time, the getaway actually happened!




We spent just under a week in Dubai and then around two week in Saudi Arabia. Being Muslim, Saudi Arabia was especially amazing to visit as I had a chance to recharge my faith and also discover new things that I didn’t previously know. In Dubai I dressed as I normally do here in UK albeit a little more flowy and airy however understandably in Saudi I dressed a lot more modest. I’ll be honest laziness kicked in and rather than wearing layers and trying to figure out new modest outfits every day before I left I had my mum tailor me an Abaya which is a loose gown which is the customary dress of women in Saudi. I just chucked that on daily on top of my underwear, in the heat I had to!





I honestly had the most amazing time in both countries, Dubai was just… Dubai. Absolutely stunning, probably one of the best cities in the world with breath taking views and amazing activities to do. We tried to do as much as possible while we were there however I don’t think we even scraped the surface. I definitely intend to return back one day and explore it further, hopefully that will actually happen. As for Saudi, I saw some beautiful sights and done a lot more activities than I was expecting. It was amazing, I went quad bike racing with my mum and dad, camel riding and even horseback riding. We visited a little town high high up in the mountain and I really do mean high up.. got surrounded by baboons who had a taste for fizzy cola straw sweets and we even tried our hand at mountain climbing. (We didn’t get very high up)

I really badly needed this break, I feel like I haven’t had a getaway in such a long time that this was long overdue. I actually do already have another holiday lined up, two weeks in Canada at the end of August so I am pretty excited about that. I have ended up putting on so much weight while I was away, so now I will have to try eat a little healthier and start working out a little bit. Hopefully I will settle back to my routine soon but for now I just want to sleep! I am so glad it is the weekend while I type this because I can sleep in! Hope you liked my snaps loves, I will try share some more in the next post. Love, Tanzina.

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  1. Looks so so good!! You really suit a hijab mashallah :)

    I’m heading to Dubai in December inshallah so this just made me even more super duper excited. Canada sounds good too, I hope you’ll blog all about it!

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