Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers Acid and Trip

Hi loves, this week I’ve been so busy doing bits and bobs that I haven’t had much chance to blog or write about my favourite bits. I am actually heading off to sunny Dubai on Monday, and I haven’t even started packing yet ! (It is Wednesday as I type this, it’ll probably be the weekend by the time this post is up). However I can’t wait till when I come back from my THREE WEEK holiday to tell you about these two lovely products that Daniel Sandler has bought out. 

daniel sandler watercolouur blushers

daniel sandler blusher acid

daniel sandler blusher acid

These are the beautiful Daniel Sandler Watercolour in Acid and Trip, Flurocent-ly fabulous but not something the less adventurous of us should run from. Firstly Acid, it’s a hot pink, bright and beautiful and a little bottle of magic I have been getting a lot of use out of. This can be applied very lightly to create a beautiful natural pink finish to the cheeks or amped to create a bold finish to your complexion. I actually made a mini video on Instagram to demonstrate a natural finish and I had a lot of people commenting and tweeting me saying they did not expect that such a subtle finish could be achieved. I love using DS Watercolour Blushers, they create a much more flawless finish than normal powder blushers do and this one is no different. You can also apply it to the lips too, just literally paint on with a lip brush or dap it on with your finger tips. I’ve been using it on both my lips and cheeks. If you would like to know exactly how I created the look you can read here..

daniel sandler blusher trip

daniel sandler blusher trip

Next we have Trip, and this I am saving for my holiday, as I think coral cheeks are more summery – well for me at least. Once the sun starts peeking it’s head out of the cloud all my coral lipsticks and blushes make an appearance and this little bottle will make a very welcome addition to that collection. Again with this colour you have the option of amping it up or even creating a more subtle finish. I’ve seen Daniel demonstrate it on his model’s lip and cheeks and it looks absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to use it to brighten up my spring/summer days.

You can buy the blushers here for £15.50

That is it for today’s post, I did mean to try schedule as many posts as I can for when I am away but please do forgive me because I simply could not find the time! I will try and get a goodbye post up but if I don’t, bye for three weeks! Okay I better stop typing and start packing as soon as possible because at this rate I will be going Dubai with an empty suitcase. Eek I am so excited to go. Speak to you soon loves :) Tanzina x

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