Trialing Eye Lash Serum: LiLash

Hi loves, today I’m going to share with you a product I’m just about to start trialing. It’s an eye lash product, something that promises to help strengthen and lengthen my lashes. Now we see before after pictures all the time, but normally they are from companies – and really I don’t trust them. I know some of them are actually real and not edited however it’s not the same as seeing it from a blogger or someone you know. So today I will take you on my LiLash journey.

Lilash review uk

lilash uk

lilash uk review pictures

Recently my eye lashes are the worst they have ever been. I put it down to more mascara use, false lashes and not enough after care and also not being gentle when removing makeup. All in all my lashes are more sparse than they have ever been and I do miss them. There must’ve been a beauty angel somewhere listening to my woes because next thing you know.. LiLash contacted me asking me whether I would like to trial their lash serum. Wild guess what I said? A resounding ‘Of course’! They also urged me to take before & after pics, something I wasn’t expecting – they must really believe in their product making it even more promising in my eyes.

lilash uk

lilash application uk

Now what is LiLash? I have actually heard of the brand as I actually came across when I was looking for ways to improve my lashes. LiLash is the world’s most popular purified eyelash serum, it is all about fortifying and conditioning the lash follicles. The internet has lots and lots of testimonials of LiLash users and I am really excited to let my review join the bunch. There are just so many people out there saying they loved the product that I can’t wait to start trialing it. The packaging itself is rather sleek and simple. It comes in a mascara like tube with an eyeliner like applicator (do you like my techinal terms there?) and you line your eye lash line with the applicator, the tiniest amount is needed for optimum results. I have to admit I was a bit stupid and applied to the tight line (under the lashes) and I did wake up with funny eyes but I have now read the instructions and stopped trying to be a smart ass and figure stuff out myself.

Now without much further ado, here are my naked lashes. They aren’t too bad and could be a lot worse but they are really bad compared to what they used to be.

lilash before

Lilash after

I am planning on using it pretty much every night before I go to sleep, I have a nightly skin care routine and I am planning to incorporate it into that so that I can be consistent in applying it. I am aiming to come back to you all with feedback and pictures in two months time, ideally I would like to report back in a month but I will be abroad right about now! (IF all goes to plan). The serum isn’t cheap, it is £48.16 for 3 months supply (here) however for those wishing to invest in their lashes it is free postage and also 90 days money back guarantee. That really does show faith in the product. Also it will work out much cheaper than regular lash extensions and false lashes.

Overall I am super excited to see the results, I really do hope I have something worth showing off. I will definitely be writing updates but if you wanted to know how I’m getting along, you can always tweet me or email me. Until next time, have a good day (: Tanzina x

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