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Hi all, hope you’ve been well. Recently I’ve started taking a little bit more care of my hands – don’t get me wrong I always and I mean always have hand care products with me on the go, but I think it’s a more I need everything with me ‘just in case’ rather than I need to keep my hands well treated. However, things have changed.

hand care essentials uk 2014

pocketbac uk

pocketbac uk

I think that it is the fact that I have started working now, so my hands are in constant use with typing and phone calls and writing and for some reason I have become a bit of a germaphobe so I always want my hand sanitised even though it is my keyboard I am using and my phone. This leads on to this little life saver, this is the Bath and Body Works PocketBac hand gel in Cheeky Berry. I was gifted this little beauty by Asmaa (she writes over at Chocoholic Hijabi) and I just absolutely love the scent of it. It’s a cherry and vanilla crossover scent, and smells divine. Every time I use it I always catch waves of it later on while I do things – and it kills germs! It really is going to keep my sanity in the work place.

molton brown ylang ylang hand cream

molton brown ylang ylang hand cream

This next product is actually my favourite, this is the best hand cream I have used to date. This is Molton Brown Ylang Ylang Hand Cream, an absolutely gorgeous smelling hand cream that has my hands feeling softer than any other cream has ever left it. As I type this, I have just massaged the cream on to my hands and the effect it leaves is so moisturising. I can’t fully describe how it feels, but it is a bit like my hands were really thirsty prior to use and after, they just feel so rehydrated. Believe me, I am not a hand cream kind of girl but this product has completely converted me. Every time I put this on hands at work, the people next to me always mention how good it smells. Sometimes it’s the combination of the sanitiser and this, the mixture just smells so delicious. Normally, it takes me months and months to go through a small tube, so I always offer people my cream when they walk past.. not anymore! This beauty is going to be just for my hands only. It contain notes of Madagascan ylang-ylang perfume oil (rich and calming) and yuan zhi extract to help rebalance, scents I have actually not really tried nor been interested in however now I am really tempted to try other products from the Molton Brown range. I believe this scent range also has a body wash and body lotion. I’m not a body cream girl, but the body wash will definitely be going on my wish list. Molton Brown has always been a ‘luxury’ brand in my option, and the packaging on the hand cream definitely matches that opinion. It’s weighty, sleek and rather pretty looking. You can pick it up here for just £10 – a definite repurchase.

I hope you enjoyed my little post of hand essentials, I think I need to add cuticle oil to the mini routine I have going on as my cuticles always let down my Nail of the Day pictures (hence why I never post them!). Let me know what products you like to use on your hands and any recommendations. Until next time, have an amazing day :) Tanzina x

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