Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Hi, today I have a makeup palette to share with you all that I am rather excited about. It’s actually from a brand I have been meaning to try for such a long time and now finally I’ve had the chance to. The brand is of course Too Faced. This little palette has been getting a lot of use from me and I’ve decided it is about time I share it with you all. 

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette uk

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette review

This is the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, a little palette full of neutral shades. I’ve actually had this and the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette come into my life around the same time and the fact I have been using this over the Urban Decay is very telling. I’ve been pretty much using this every makeup day for the past two weeks and I’ve had enough of a go on it to form an opinion. Let’s start with the packaging; I love how dinky it is and how quirky the packaging for the brand is. It is housed in a strong cardboard (I believe?) palette, which is very sturdy and easy to travel with if needed. It looks really pretty on the eye and comes equipped with makeup idea cards for those looking for inspiration. I would say the packaging is pretty much perfect other than the fact that it doesn’t come with a mirror for those who prefer to use palette mirrors. I personally don’t mind as I’ve become used to using a vanity mirror, but it is always convenient to have a mirror come with.

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette swatches

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Now on to the eye shadows, it comes equipped with three matte shades (result!) and the rest of the seven are a mix between shimmer and satin shades. There are three large highlighting shades and the rest are really pigmented colour shadows. As this was my first introduction to Too Faced, I wasn’t sure what to expect when it comes to shadow pay off – I had heard great things but I had never swatched so I was really in the dark. I have been pleasantly surprised, the colour pay off is so good, minimal fall out and the shadows are silky so easy to use and blend. I love the colour selection too, there is a matte cream colour (Heaven) to blend and highlight with, a taupe matte brown (Velvet Revolver) to use for transition and blend with and a dark brown shade (Sexspresso) to deepen and smoke out with. The other two highlight shades, Silk Teddy a satin shade and Nude Beach a shimmer shade are perfect for highlighting the inner corner and also for a slight shimmer to highlight the brow bone.

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette uk

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette uk

In the last few years, I really have become a neutral shade lover, I usually stick to the shades mentioned above and that is me done for eye shadow but on days I have been wearing a tad bit more colour Push-Up has been my colour of choice every single time. It is the perfect pink for me, nothing too bright but the right shade to compliment my brown eyes. I also sometimes use Cocoa Puff to deepen the outer V. I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t really played around too much with the other shades- why fix something that isn’t broke?! However I think I will give them a go this week as they do look really pretty on the swatches.

Overall I am really really impressed with my first introduction with Too Faced Cosmetics, this palette is perfect for all natural shade lovers and a perfect addition to my many many neutral palettes. The palette also comes with a sample of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, an eyeshadow primer that has been raved over worldwide – I do need to get round to using it! If you’ve been contemplating trying Too Faced like me, I’d highly recommend trying it. I’ve already got my eyes on a few more bits and pieces from the brand! I’m tempted to create a Youtube look with this palette this weekend, let me know if you would like to see that. You can pick the palette up here for £29.00. Until next time loves, have a great day. Tanzina x

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  1. Ohhh I’ve just seen this have you done your you tube on this yet? I’d love to see if I’m useless applying shadow

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