Illamasqua and Avon Haul

Hi lovelies. Long time no speak ): 
I seem to start every post with that lately, but adjusting to work life is much harder than I thought it would be. Finding time for myself is a little difficult but every now and then I squeeze some in. Eventually I think I will find a routine but until then bear with me please! Okay, today’s post is a wuick and easy one to et me into the swing of things. Recently I done a mini haul of some products I had to purchase so I thought I would share them with you.

illamasqua haul

illamasqua haul

illamasqua furore

The first place I stopped off at was Illamasqua, they were having their up 70% off sale and there were a few pieces that I had my eye on that ended up in sale! That is one thing I love about Illamasqua, their sales include stuff you would actually buy full price, not just left over tat they want to get rid off like some brands! The first thing I needed to have in my stash was the Illmasqua Pure Pigment in Furore. It had been recommended to me so many times and I had fallen in love with it when I swatched it and I knew it would make a gorgeous highlighter. It’s a pretty champagne peach shimmer and looks beautiful on the high points of your cheek bones -also as a shadow too. Unfortunately it doesn’t photograph half as well as it looks in real life, trust me and swatch it! I got it for the bargain price of £7.50 (see it here)

illamasqua scribe

illamasqua scribe swatch

I also picked up another Illamasqua goodie that I had been eyeing up for so so long. This is Illamasqua Pecision Liquid Eyeliner in Scribe and it’s probably the best white eyeliner in the beauty market, and again it wasn’t a want product it was a needIt is a matte, opaque liquid eyeliner that glides on so smoothly. I had been lusting after it for a while, I knew it would be great for my makeup arsenal and maybe help me create bolder looking makeup looks. I am yet to use it but when I do, you’ll know about it!  I also picked this up for £7.50 (see it here)

avon supershock black gel eyeliner

avon supershock black gel

avon supershock black gel  swatch

Now onto the second part of my haul. This is the same product times five and as you can see from the pictures this is the Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Black. Now this is clear necessity clearly, who can function without black eyeliner. Again these were sale picks, they had been reduced from £6.00 to £3.00 each (AND it’s currently on offer now! here). This is an amazing eyeliner, it’s basically the Urban Decay ones but much cheaper. It glides on so smootly, fully coats the waterline and is so easy to smoke your eyes out with. I picked up 5 because at the time there was an offer of free p&p if you spend £15 and I HATE spending money on p&p. It bugs me. Another reason why I love Illamasqua – free p&p!

That is all I picked up, it was a mini haul but I thought you would still like to see it. I currently have a giveaway going on, I believe it ends tomorrow so make sure you enter! I shall try post more regularly too but like I said, I’m still trying to get the balance between free time and work right. I shall get there! Tanzina x

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