The Face Edit: Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set

Hi loves. I accidentally forgot to renew a part of my site and my blog was down for a day! Noooo.. but it is up now (evidently!) and I’m back to being happy again. I haven’t done a ‘Face Edit’ post in a while and today I thought I would get back into the swing of things with a quick look at a brush set in my collection. This is for all my cream/liquid product lovers, I have got you covered here. When it comes to foundation/cream product brushes I prefer to use synthetic so I had to introduce you to this set. 

nanshy brush set

nanshy pro brush set

nanshy professional brushes

If you were after a set that answered all your cream base product needs, then this it. This is the Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set and it contains four synthetic brushes. The bristles are all soft and easily washable – something I look for especially in base brushes as I wash them much more often than eye/brow makeup brushes. The brushes don’t shed during washes and they also stay in shape after washing. I’ve been unlucky enough to experience brushes that are completely ruined after their first wash and I’m happy to say this set doesn’t contain any of those! The handles are also thick so easy to hold and use.

nanshy brushes

I thought I would quickly talk you through the brushes and what I use them for. Lets start with the egg shaped brush, I like to thing this one to be a beauty blender in brush form. The bristles in this brush (and all the rest) are very dense meaning that you get a lot more control and the product goes where you want it to. I’ve been using this mostly for my concealer, it fits under my eyes perfectly and also blends well too. I also use it for my cream highlighter on my cheekbones, again I get more control and I love the finish. This has to be my most used/favourite from the set. Next we have the angle brush. This is perfect for apply cream products especially cream contour. I do my best fish face and use it to swipe on the contour product and buff it in. I also use it to buff in cream blusher – something I’ve been using quite a bit but that’s a whole new post!

nanshy brushes

Next are the foundation brushes. Now everyone uses foundation brushes differently so you might use yours different to mine, but this is how I use mine. The flat top brush I find is great at stippling product on, so when I want really full coverage (very rarely) I use this to build up layers without it looking too cakey. This also is dense enough to swirl and buff in product too. The round top foundation brush is one I use more often, it’s perfect for that light natural skin finish, I just buff in the foundation easily and the shape does remind me of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I also use this brush for applying translucent powder to set the makeup, it is a multi tasker and on lazy days I also use it for blush! I think this one is my second favourite from the set even though they all are great. The stippling one is going into my freelance makeup kit as some clients do want more heavy finishes to their makeup and that will be perfect for them.

nanshy brush set

The Nanshy Professional Brush Set retails for £29.95 which I think is  reasonable price for a set of four considering one MAC face brush costs more than the set combined. The set isn’t one of those which will be ruined after a year, I can see the brushes lasting years and years and years, you get the point. You can find it here, since it is on Amazon you can also read reviews of what people think so just don’t take my word on it – it has some amazing reviews.

That is it for today’s post, it feels like ages since my last one but I think it’s been around a week. I should have a giveaway up for you all sometime this week so look out for that and until next time I shall speak to you soon. Lots of love, Tanzina x

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