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Hi lovelies, I feel like  I haven’t typed on here for so long (it’s probably only been around a week). This week was an exciting one for me, I traveled quite a bit around the country staying in different cities as part of my work training. Although it was rather glamorous at times I desperately craved my family and bed and am very happy to be sat in bed while I type this. This post is about my most used eyeshadows, all the ‘Best of 2013’ posts had me thinking what products do I use all the time and when it comes to eyeshadows it is rather easy to choose. (Warning: This post is quite in depth)

favourite mac shadows


favourite mac shadows

My most used shadows are from MAC, housed in quad palette, and go with me everywhere (especially this week as I have been travelling). I actually had never tried any MAC shadows previous to my introduction to these ones, and actually the shadows were part of my very first proper MAC haul (read about that here). I use these shadows in pretty much every single makeup look I create and also use the shadows in my makeup kit for clients.

mac carbon swatch

mac brown down swatch

The palette consists of four eyeshadows, and a lot of thought went into choosing them. First shade is MAC Carbon, a deep matte true black. I chose this shade because a true black is essential in makeup looks whether it is to add slight depth, smudge the liner, create a smokey look or any other reasons. Next I chose MAC Brown Down, described as a teddy bear brown. All the shades I house in my palette are matte shades and this one is no different. I like to think of this shade as a crease and contour shade. I apply it to the crease of my eye lid to create depth or sometimes just to define the contour of the lid a bit more. I also use it on the bottom lash line quite a bit to softly define it. There are so many different uses for shades like this, if I started listing it then we’d be here all day! Oh, I also use it to define my brows slightly if I can’t get hold of a brow product.

mac wedge swatch

mac brule swatch

The next shade is MAC Wedge, a satin matte taupe beige shade (quite similar to Urban Decay Naked shadow actually) and it is what I call a ‘transitional’ shade meaning I use it mostly to blend out colours and soften harsh lines. For me the shade is slightly warmer than my skin tone so for that purpose it works really well and I can easily layer a highlighting shade over it. I would say for paler skin tones, this would work really well as your eye contour shade. Finally to complete the quattro we have MAC Brule, a matte soft cream beige shade. This is my highlighting shade, perfect for highlighting under the brow and inner corners. I sometimes (read: most of the time) get lazy and also use this as my blending shades and for simple looks that works perfectly fine. I prefer a soft understated highlighter under my brow, I find shimmery finishes look to try-hard on me and I only use those for heavy makeup looks. The only thing I find annoying about this shade is that MAC are now bringing out a neutrals palette and I don’t have any shades from there except from Brule. I hate having doubles and I want that palette!!

That is it for my favourite shadows, although there are only four they are hands down my most used. I have always been tempted to purchase the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette but I’ve always put it off because I have this quad which I think does the job just the same if not better for me. If your thinking of buying some MAC shadows I would definitely recommend these and if you don’t like these then I would recommend going for shades you really know you will use often as the shadows are quite pricey.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I was worried I was yapping too much however I did want you to know exactly why they are my favourite and I think you now do! P.S It’s my 23rd Birthday tomorrow! I feel like this will be a life changing year for me, I have just started my career and fingers crossed this year will bring me lots of happiness. I think I am going to just spend the day at home with my family, it’s been many years since I just stayed home with them on my big day and I think it is about time I done it again. Until next time, have a lovely day! Tanzina x

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