Pamper Bath Time Must Haves

I’ve been much more quieter on here than I would have liked however I’m trying not to pressure myself too much when it comes to blogging as understandably, when you start a full time job, the balance between work and blogging takes a while to figure itself out. However fingers crossed I will fall into a routine and until then please don’t give up on me! Today I have a bath post for you, I adore long soaks and these are my current favourite products that accompany me to the bath tub. With this being said, the bath side panels have a little crack in them, so I have been having showers recently. I can’t really relax in the same way that I do when I have a bath. But when this is all fixed, everything will be back to normal.

pamper bath time

elemis pro collagen cleansing balm

spa find stabilizing mud mask

spa find stabilizing mud mask

The first area I concentrate on is my face. For some reason I feel like if my face isn’t fully cleansed my bath isn’t complete, I know it’s weird but it is what works for me. As it is the colder season I like to use a moisturising cleanser and I think my favourite cleanser of 2013 is definitely the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. I love this, I’ve talked about it loads here and you can find a review here. After I have cleansed, I use a mud mask.. somehow if it isn’t a mud mask it isn’t worthy of being included in my pamper bath. It’s not satisfying if it doesn’t tighten and become solid against my skin! My mask of choice is this gorgeous jar of Spa Find Stabilizing Mud Mask – you can get hold of it here.

yankee midnight jasmine bath

bodhi jasmine falls bath

These next two products are essential to a good luxury bath experience, and that is a candle and bubble bath. My current favourite candle is a Yankee one, and it is the Yankee Midnight Jasmine one which burns away next to my bath surrounded my tea lights. This has a great scent throw and I love the scent of Jasmine… which leads nicely on to my next product. This is the Bodhi Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy and I just love it. It is the truest representation to the jasmine scent that I have found in the beauty market and just a drop envelops my bath room with its fragrance. I raved about it in detail here if you want to know more reasons why I love it.

macadamia hair masque

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream

The final two products are all about making my body feel and smell gorgeous. I don’t really use my pamper baths as a way of rigorously cleansing my body, I probably done that already as part of my morning shower however I do like to treat myself to some special products. I like to let my hair experience the best hair product ever which comes in the form of Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque which is just amazing for my hair. I get silky, beautiful smelling hair after using this and it really is a ‘treat’ product for me as I don’t want my hair getting too used to this. Next I like to use a shower cream to gently scrub my skin clean, I like cream products in the colder season as opposed to gel as it is less drying. Currently I am using Elemis Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream which smells delicious and leaves my skin soft. Pick it up here.

That is it for my post, I didn’t want to go too in depth but just point out what my favourites are. I probably have gone in depth with these products in other posts, hence why they are in my favourites! I’d love to know what you love in the bath, leave me a comment or say something on twitter (I’m @makeupatoz). Please do bear with me while I find my new blogging routine and look out for ANOTHER giveaway coming soon. Thank you sooo much for all the new readers too and of course to the old for always being there. Tanzina x

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  1. Elemis Frangipani smells amazing, the body oil is incredible! I’ve also recently discovered the Macadamia Oil mask, it really does work. I’ve never seen that Spa Find before, will have to look into it, as I really like mud masks. x

    • I have the body oil! It does smell amazing my mum especially is in love with it xx

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