Superdrug Haul & a Candle

Hi you! I hope you enjoyed my previous lip swatching post. Today I have a necessities  haul for you. Yes I say necessities but it really isn’t. BUT I promise I’ve been really good with spending money on makeup I don’t need, I’ve shown so much restraint that even when Debenhams had a once a year 15% off beauty offer – I bought nothing. I haven’t even purchased the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette yet! However recentlyI did have to pick up an eyeliner (that is a basic human right!) and this post it what I bought alongside it.

superdrug haul

I started off with the intention to buy just my favourite eyeliner and after a trip to my local Superdrug to my horror I found out that the Superdrug 2True line was taken out of store! They have the best matte finish liquid liner I have tried to date and on top of that its 3 liners for just five pounds!! However luckily for me it was still available online and as Superdrug are running a free delivery on every order of £10 and over, I had no choice but to pick up a few other bits. I was basically forced into it.

2true eyeliner

mua velvet lip

mua velvet lip lacquer

The first thing I picked up was obviously the 2True Effortless Liquid Eyeliner, I picked up 3 for £5.00. Cheap as chips and just as satisfactory.Next I decided I really needed to try the new MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer (retailing at £3.00) which I hear are a sort of dupe for my much loved Lime Crime Velvetines. It’s basically a liquid lipstick that dries matte and lasts forever on your lips (only a slight exaggeration). I’m yet to try the MUA one but I do have high hopes. I picked it up in shade Criminal which is a bright hot pink shade. The final thing to bring my total to just over £10 was a dry shampoo, I didn’t really know what else to pick up as my mind went blank and who doesn’t need a dry shampoo. I picked up a huge can of Batiste Blush for £2.48 as opposed to the normal price of  £4.99.


Recently I have been loving curly hair and in order to make sure the curls last and don’t drop, I have been pinning my curls up with bobby pins. However they aren’t the most practical things to use to pin up curls so with a quick search on Ebay I picked up metal pins like these to hold the curl. In hindsight I think I could  have gotten bigger pins for my long hair but even these have made such a difference and the process of curling and pinning my hair much easier.

yankee winter wonderland candle

yankee winter wonderland candle

Now onto the final product on my haul. A Yankee candle! Now I know I candle really isn’t a necessity but I had to have this one. This is the Yankee Winter Wonderland and it is actually one of my very first Yankee candles I have ever tried, over two years ago. I’ve never seen it again, and just assumed it was a limited edition Christmas scent that was never going to come back around. I still have a tiny little bit left in my small jar from two years ago because I really don’t want to finish burning it. However I saw a few people burning it in the last few weeks on Instagram and after Ebay-ing the candle, I found it!  I picked it up in Medium because Medium and Large jars have the best scent throw. Now that I’ve taken pictures of it I can finally start burning it, I can’t wait. It smells fresh, woody and also smells a tiny bit minty and reminds me of a forest. It is said to smell like ‘the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines’ and I sort of understand what they mean when I smell it.

That is it for my ‘necessities’ , I hope I’m not the only one who ends up buying more stuff than intended! I still think I have been very well behaved, and could’ve gotten a lot more outrageous. I spy Debenhams still has 10% off and I am just dying for that hot pink YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 11.. the day is still young. Have a great day lovelies! Tanzina x

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    • Yes Yankee candles are amazing and so are the products! Thank you so much for reading love xxx

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