Illamasqua Perfect Pout Gift Set + Swatches

Hi loves! Today I have an exciting post for you all, a little treasure of a set that made me so happy when it landed on my doorstep. I’ve been itching to get my hands on to the products but wanted to take pictures for the blog first so I had to restrain myself. Hashtag blogger problems. However I have finally got round to photographing it, I got a little trigger happy and took lots of pictures for you all. Without much further ado I introduce you to the perfect sixsome that is the Illamasqua Perfect Pout Gift Set.

illamasqua perfect pout set

illamasqua perfect pout set

illamasqua perfect pout set

How beautiful do they look? I adore the packaging of the set, it looks really fancy and high end I like to think. Now as you have probably guessed from the picture above I actually won this set as part of a competition Illamasqua were running for the Christmas season. I don’t really ever win anything so I was so happy to see my makeup entry was picked yay! Plus a little side note, how pretty is that handwriting?

illamasqua perfect pout set

illamasqua perfect pout set

illamasqua perfect pout set

Now what is included in the set? The set contains six lipsticks covering a variety of different colours, and the set retails for £60 saving you a total of £40. That works out to be a tenner a lipstick which I think is a great deal! The lipsticks are all highly pigmented and five of the lipsticks are available to buy individually. Isis, a beautiful pink red, is exclusive to this set meaning you can’t get it anywhere else. Now let’s get on to the swatches.

illamasqua perfect pout set

Illamasqua esp swatch

illamasqua isis swatch

illamasqua scandal swatch

The first three shades I thought I should share with you are the ones I am most comfortable wearing. The first colour is ESP, a vivid purple with a blue frost finish to it. I know vivid purple sounds scary but for some crazy reason I’ve just embraced the boldness of it and actually feel comfortable wearing it. Next we have the exclusive shade Isis, a pretty red pink with a creamy moisturising finish to it. I am ridiculously used to a bold red lip usually via MAC Ruby Woo however this shade seems the perfect shade to tone that look down a bit. I don’t have a toned down yet still noticeable red in my collection and this shade fills that void. The third shade is Scandal, a coral with warm pink undertones to it. I love this shade, it flatters my tan olive complexion and I bet it is going to be a staple in the warmer seasons (please hurry up Summer ’14)

illamasqua perfect pout set

illamasqua Fable

illamasqua over

illamasqua Plunge

Now the next three shades are what I would call daring for me, I shy away from pastel, nude, light colours and would typically never pick up those shades for myself but I think these colours will break away that shyness. Firstly we have Fable, a bright rose pink, and bright it is! This is so pigmented, one coat and its opaque. I’m thinking of pairing it with a dark smokey eye. Then we have Overbright coral pink, this also has a moisturising finish to it. This shade was a little bit tricker for me as the colour pay off was a little weaker however I still think I would get good use out of it for when I want a coral flush of colour on my lips. Finally, last but not least, we have Plunge, a beautiful bright mauve pink which I have surprisingly fallen in love with. It is so bold, contrast ridiculously against my tanned skin tone and super opaque and pigmented. I wouldn’t say it suits me, it’s a very barbie pink, however I think with the right level of confidence I could rock it.

illamasqua esp swatch

You can get hold of the set here or at Illamasqua stockists.
I thought I would leave you with a makeup look I created using ESP, told you I was embracing that vivid purple! I love how Illamasqua break makeup boundaries and explore the unconventional side. If I hadn’t won this set I think it would’ve taken a few more years before considering a bright purple lip but look at me now, I’m already planning on using that Barbie pink Plunge for my next look!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I definitely enjoyed taking pictures of the set. Oh I almost forget, sorry if my lips look dry towards the end, lots of lip swatches tends to do that to you! Have a great day my loves, Tanzina x

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    • I know it is really pretty. It’s prob the most conventional colour for me so I am bound go get lots of wear out of it

  1. This look is great, reminds me of them vampier movies esp with your coloured eyes complimenting the purple lip. im not brave enough to wear a purple lip but you make it look easy.

    Zarina x

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