Quick Review: Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Clay Spa

Hi loves, today is another skin care post following yesterday’s insight into the brand Aysse. I though I’d make it a quick review as I do have the tendency to write essays here at times. I think it’s the English graduate part of me, I like to go on. Today’s post is about a type of mask I have never tried before, a sheet mask. While they are all the trend over Asia, they’ve only recently trickled into the Western hemisphere and been available to buy readily.  

Dead Sea Mud Spa

Just how beautiful do I look? Honestly think this is probably the most flattering shot of me to date! Believe me when I say I had fun with this mask, it was hilarious jumping out in front of my mum and family wearing this, they didn’t did a double if not triple take! And yes of course I had to Instagram it too, how could you not? Perfect for a bit of Halloween pampering I say.

Dead Sea Mud Spa

Dead Sea Mud Spa

The mask is Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Clay Spa, a sheet mask using Dead Sea minerals. It’s meant to be great for thirsty skin and great for revitalising the skin  also. I was wondering if sheet masks would be tricky to use but this was really easy, you just fold it out and pop it on. It was slighly big for my face but I didn’t mind as I was going to have a shower afterwards so a little bit of mask on my hair wasn’t going to hurt me. It was extremely easy to use, much less hassle than applying a normal mask which you spread over your face and the results were  great. I honestly love masks where you can see the difference straight away and this was no different. My skin was left feeling more fresh, rehydrated and most importantly silky soft. There is also a cooling feeling when you apply this mask on which is great for taking off a little bit of the days stress.

I love Montagne Jeunesse masks as they are so affordable, this one is £1.49 and can be found here. You can also pick it up at stockists such as Asda. I will definitely be repurchasing.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post lovelies. I recently graduated so I am tempted to share a few pictures from my graduation here so you can see what look I went for on my big day. Do let me know if you would be interested. Have a great day! Tanzina x

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