MakeupAtoZ’s Mini Makeup Series: Smokey Glitter & Purple Power

Recently I’ve been subjecting you to a slew of body care, skin care and pamper posts so to switch it up a little bit I thought I would throw in a little bit of makeup. Yes, I know I am meant to put up a giveaway however I promise it will be a next post. As a self proclaimed makeup addict I couldn’t just keep neglecting the makeup products. I think over the next few posts I will be concentrating on the more makeup side of things so hopefully it will satisfy the cosmetics junkie side of you all! 

Smokey Glitter makeup look

Smokey Glitter makeup look

I have named this look the (as you can tell from the title) Smokey Glitter and Purple Power makeup and really that sums up the look pretty well. It’s a smokey base with a pop of glitter complimented with a flash of purple. Why that sounds like a dessert! I have to admit sometimes a well completed makeup look does feel as satisfying as a dessert.. sometimes.. okay maybe half a dessert is closer to the truth! Without much further ado, here are the products I used.

Products Used:

Firstly after doing my brows using the Anastasia products, I applied a base to my lids using UD Primer Potion and applied Ransom in the inner corner of the eye. Next I applied the brown shades Chocolight and Cappuccino to my crease area and blended with Vanilla. Then I applied Onyx, a true black, all over the lid omitting the inner corner and merged it with the brown shades to create a bold smokey look. I then went ahead and applied the glitter on the center of the lid to add a bit of dazzle. Next I lined the bottom lash line with Ransom and applied Fantasy ( a purple ) all over it and also in the inner corner. I also used the remainder of product on my blending brush in the crease to add a hint of purple to the smokiness. I flicked the purple out and went over it partly with liquid liner to create the double flick on the bottom lash line. I applied mascara and pencil liner and decided to do something I’ve never braved before. I decided to apply lashes without liner and for my first attempt, I’m really happy how it turned out. I think that because the Let’s Go Lashes were so flexible, the band was invisible and the fact that it was air light – all that made the job better. I couldn’t recommend this pair enough!

Smokey Glitter makeup look

I hope you liked today’s post, let me know if you would ever dare to brave this look out! I you would like to see more images of this look be sure you check out my Instagram which has more pictures there @makeupAtoZ. I shall speak to you soon lovelies, Tanzina x

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