Favourite Candles: Yankee Midnight Jasmine and True Rose

The colder seasons always get me burning more candles, I love to work by candle light no matter how damaging it is to my eyes. I tend to burn one gorgeous smelling candle to provide scent to my room, and lots of little non scented ones in my rather ridiculous collection of candle holders to provide more ambiance and light to the room. I also turn on the fairy lights on my bed headboard and snuggle up on my little sofa and my room is transformed to a haven, a little escape from the world. I think that is what I look most forward to every winter season. I thought today I would share with you the candles that are providing me the best fragrance, the ones I am turning to more and more.

yankee candles

yankee true rose

I am no candle expert but I can appreciate a good scent throw and I find that the large and medium Yankee candles really do provide that. I am a huge floral scent advocate and also woody scents but today’s post is featuring a certain floral theme. I can’t choose which one I like more so with an ip dip do kind of selection I’ve decided to mention True Rose first. This really does have a true rose scent to it, not a synthetic copy. I love the scent of roses though I do have to admit I’m yet to receive a bouquet of roses that holds it scent for long. I actually have a single rose in front of me in water right now and it has absolutely no scent to it at all. The scent of the candle however does truly travels around the room and lasts for a while. I like to entertain myself by leaving my room for five minutes and walking back in to get hit by the scent again. It’s rather satisfying!

yankee midnight jasmine

Secondly we have Midnight Jasmine, which I adore. I am sure I have mentioned this more than enough times here but Jasmine is one of my all time favourite scents, it’s a flower that is easily found in Asia and reminds me of my holidays there. Jasmine is a very hard scent to truly capture, like rose it has many disappointing synthetic imitation however I love the Yankee candle version of it. I love how it is named Midnight Jasmine, it is during midnight and the early hours when the flower releases its fragrance most strongly.. I can still recall how the fragrance unfurls itself through passageways and corridors in Bangladesh and this candle brings back fond memories of my time there. Again like True Rose the fragrance lingers and travels around the room and I will be repurchasing this scent again.

Large Yankee Candles usually retail for £19.99 however whilst I was browsing in Clintons for a card I noticed that some scents were half price and that is when I picked these two up! At £9.99 each the offer was too hard to resist, now every time I pass a Clintons I pop in to see if they have the same offer but they don’t as of yet. I will carry on looking!

I hope you liked this quick post about my current favourite candles, I don’t think I have actually done a candle dedicated post before (have I?) but I will definitely try to bring you more. Have a lovely day, and I hope you are feeling as warm and cosy as I am in my candle lit bedroom! Tanzina x

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