How To: Bold Purple Lip

Bold lips are a beauty phenom I am trying my best to embrace and a purple lip is another beauty trend I am going to attempt to conquer over the next few weeks. I have always liked the idea of a purple lip, I have had the tools to create it in my makeup collection for quite a while but to actually attempt it? Well that I haven’t really gotten round to until now. Today I have a lip recipe I cooked up in my bedroom and tomorrow it’s going to be a recipe I actually wear out. Wish me luck!

bold purple lips

Here is the recipe!

nyx deep purple

How To: Bold Purple Lip

The first step I always turn to for a defined lip is lip liner. It’s practically become a necessity for my lip routine on a day I want to apply a strong lip colour. For this look I am using NYX Lip Pencil in Deep Purple, a colour that is true to its name. I am applying thickly around the outline of my lip, to define and add a slight ombre like effect.

occ lip tar demure

How To: Bold Purple Lip

Next using a lip brush, I’m using the Real Techniques brush from the Core Collection, take your purple lipstick/gloss/stain of choice and apply all over the lips being careful it to feather it lightly over the lip liner part. I used Demure from OCC, it’s a lip tar which is highly highly pigmented. I have 6 lip tars in total but use none! Need to start making more use of my collection.

clear lip gloss

How To: Bold Purple Lip

You can stop here if you want to, especially if you want controllable lips that won’t smear if you accidentally brush it against something! However I really wanted that high shine glossy finish that looks slightly 3D so to achieve that look I applied clear gloss on top of the lip tar. Again using a brush to make sure the colour isn’t disturbed. Yes I will probably have to be a bit more careful not to smear, but I think every now and then it is worth the extra effort.

That’s all there is to this look, it is rather simple to create I think, thank god as eye looks definitely take a lot more time. If lip creations took just as long, god only knows how long it would take me to get ready. On a special occasion like a wedding or Eid I’ve noticed it takes me around an hour and a half to do my own hair and makeup, atrocious I know! I think my 2014 goal is to definitely get much faster with applying my own makeup and clients, I am a bit of slow coach! Would you wear this look? Tanzina x

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