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I have a little perfume review for you today, Taylor by Taylor Swift. It’s a perfume that was released a little while ago in August but I thought I would flag it up for you now closer to the holiday season as lots of people are buying presents. I was quite fond of the previous Taylor Swift perfume (you can read it about it here) and was intrigued to see what I made of this one.

taylor by taylor swift

Let’s start with appearances. The bottle is a hell of a statement and looks like an amazing weapon to carry in your handbag in case you want to whack someone with it. Someone who tries to mug you, insults you or nudges your arm while you apply lipstick on the train – that sort of thing. I actually really like the look of the bottle, it looks really nice on my dressing table and I love the inspiration behind it. The bottle was made to reflect Taylor Swift’s style – retro with a modern twist. There is a string of pearls at the neck of the bottle,to reflect how she likes dressing up outfits with pearls. I love the swirls of colours on top of the bottle too, it feels really retro. I know some people might find bold statements like this tacky but I adore it, I like something different sometimes and this just hits the spot.

taylor by taylor swift

taylor by taylor swift

On to the perfume itself, the first word that springs to mind is sweet. Not sickly, if it was sickly I wouldn’t even mention it here, but sweet is the word. It’s flirty and playful and I think it is perfect for the targeted audience, teens and early 20’s. It’s a carefree type of perfume, the one you spritz on before you walk out the door and perfect for a casual day time scent. There are a lot of fruit notes, some florals added to a base of of soft woods. The fruity notes featured are lychee and sparkling tangerine which I can immediately pick out in the first few sniffs at my wrist. The middle notes contain peonies, hydrangeas and vanilla orchids and the base contains creamy sandalwood, apricot nectar and cashmere musk.

I actually enjoy this perfume, but I tend to go for something a little deeper and woodier for evening scents. This perfume is perfect for those who shy away from strong overpowering perfumes and like something easy, sweet, fruity and flirty. I find the perfume does actually linger on the skin and has good staying power and is quite unique.

You can pick it up at most perfume retailers for £39.00 for 100ml.

I hope you liked today’s post, I think I should try do more perfume posts as I do have quite a few in my stash. Some people are a bit weird about celebrity perfumes but I don’t mind as long as they smell nice like this one. One of my favourite perfumes in my collection is Britney spears Fantasy, which I hear is approaching it’s 10th (how did time go so fast!) anniversary and will be launching with a black anniversary bottle! I’ll keep you posted. Have a lovely day!

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