Easiest Halloween Nails: Orly FX Black Pixel

Halloween means one thing, no not ghosts or spooky stories instead it means ‘dress up’. I’m not a Halloween fan, I’ve never really celebrated but this year to mark the occassion I thought I would turn to the easiest option of dressing up for the event ever – nails.

orly fx

I could do some elaborate nail art, maybe a witch or two or even the whole cast of Hocus Pocus ( I joke, there is no way I could conjure that up even with a wand!) but once I spotted this nail polish it just screamed Halloween to me. Halloween makes me think of trick or treating in the dark, during the cold evenings where the stars are already out and lots of black gowns and lots of magic potions bubbling away. This nail polish contains all that, a gorgeous black colour with silver glitter sprinkled throughout. I introduce you to Orly’s Black Pixel from the new Orly FX range.

orly fx black pixel

orly fx black pixel

How beautiful is that glitter? It really does sparkle and even as I type now looking at my nails reminds me of a starry sky, as cheesy as that sounds! Orly have discovered a new glitter polish recipe named the FX innovation. The 3D formula provides millions of glitter pixels and just two coats created this result. Usually with glitter polishes, I need a base colour or really need to layer up the glitter but this was ridiculously easy. I promised easy nails didn’t I? The collection contains six colours, I have my eyes now on the baby pink Rose Pixel offering.

You can pick these polishes up at £10.80 a pop here or at Orly stockists.

orly fx black pixel

That’s it for my Halloween creation, didn’t I promise it would be ridiculously easy? Happy trick or treating loves! Tanzina x

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