The Body Shop and Necessities Haul

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a haul post so I’ve decided to do one today as I always like knowing what is in people’s shopping bag so I thought you might like knowing what is in mine! The shopping trip I did was actually to pick up essentials and for once I didn’t end up buying things that just caught my eye like I usually do, I stuck to the shopping list. Gold star for me please.



Let’s start with The Body Shop. I was after items from their new Camomile range, in particular the Waterproof Makeup Remover and actually had a £10 off a £25 spend voucher with me. As a makeup artist and also a makeup fanatic I do create makeup looks on the regular and have been going through my Bioderma way too fast for my liking and needed to stock up on an alternative makeup remover. I heard some rave reviews about the new Body Shop offerings and had to stock up, especially as it was so much cheaper than the high end bi-phase remover options. You can pick it up at 150ml for £8.

I also heard murmurings about the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and thought I would try it out as I love Cleansing Oil Balms so much and thought this would be a more liquid version and definitely a more cheaper version as my balms cost me around £40 each time. It pretty much promises to do the same thing, remove waterproof makeup and also cleanse your skin. You can pick it at  up for £10. I’ve actually been testing the two products out and will be bringing you a more in depth review soon.


I also picked up a little gift set for my friend’s birthday. She’s a fan of The Body Shop products and I decided to grab her a ‘Life Is…’ Gift Tin which contains a trio of products. She is yet to receive it so I hope she likes it. Look out for the product reviews that are coming up and check out their website here.


Now on to the necessities. This bit is a bit of a jumble, I just picked up products I was in dire need of. I needed cotton wool, and Boots have my favourite ones. I actually don’t like big pads though they come in a larger size so I always pick up the standard size. I also picked up contact lenses solution, I am a contact lenses wearer so I needed to stock up on that as I was running low. I also picked up baby wipes, Simple Baby Wipes to be specific. Now I’ve never used baby wipes before, instead I use my No.7 makeup wipes to clean up eyeshadow fall out etc and it was just such a waste as I wouldn’t even utilise the full wipe so I decided to copy the many makeup artists that use baby wipes instead to do clean ups. And finally I picked up tea lights as I burn them regularly and I had run out.

That is it for today’s haul post, I actually have been naughty and have done a makeup haul – an Illamasqua one! I will be bringing that to you soon and makeup looks and all that good stuff. I hope you enjoyed this post especially if you are like me and enjoy a lttle nosey. Until then, have a lovely day and speak to you soon. Tanzina x

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