Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm Review

Today I have a bit of a naughty product mention for you all. Naughty because really, I deserve a slap on the wrist for not delivering it earlier. This might sound confusing but it is just always in use so I never got round to photographing it and every time I use it I tell myself oh I need to blog about this, and then put it back in my every day makeup drawer. I have had it for months, and even though I’m half way through I still have the box because I KNOW I have to tell you about it. 

elemis pro radiance flash balm review

This is the Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm. Now I’m no expert on balms of any kind, I’ve never used a flash balm I don’t know if they existed prior, I don’t know if lots of brands do them or if it is just Elemis. I had to reread the press release to fully understand exactly what it is. It is basically a moisturiser, but a magic moisturiser. Well that’s how I’ve explained it to myself and while I’m kind of happy with that explanation I’m guessing you might want a little more deets (yes I’m so cool, too cool to use the word details).

elemis pro radiance flash balm review

elemis pro radiance flash balm review

The balm in essence is a ‘hybrid-moisturiser’ so it’s like a bridge in between the world of the skin care and beauty. It boosts moisture levels, acts as a primer and most importantly boosts radiance. I expected shimmery particles and glitter because lets face it that is what most brands interpret ‘radiance’ and ‘illuminating’ as however Elemis achieve the glow without the shimmer bits. It glides on really smoothly and the skin enhancing ingredients within the product help make the skin look more luminous and dewy. I find this product perfect for tired lacklustre skin, it injects back the fresh, healthy and hydrated element into the skin. On top of all that, it has a lovely scent of neroli, bitter orange, bergamot and lemon mélange, which smells both clean and is mood-enhancing.



Promises a lot huh? I am a huge sceptic when it comes to products like this and I basically saw this product as a light moisturiser to wear in the day time under makeup. That is essentially what I used it as and I didn’t expect to be blown away at all. I adore Elemis products so I definitely did expect a pretty darn good moisturiser but I kind of skim read all the other bits and put it to use. The pictures I have for you are from the day I first used it, I was taking pictures for my makeup look and skin wasn’t really an important factor. However when I looked back at the images I kept noticing that my skin definitely looked more lumionous than usual. It was only then I went back and tried it again the next day that I realised how good the product really was. It really delivers on the promises it made and you know what they say… the rest is history. I already have a back up of a back up. Yes, really!

I adore this beauty, I use it quite often especially on days when I am barely wearing any makeup at all and running errands, doing the odd jobs where I’m not really bothered to make an effort but want to look presentable. It glides on super easily, few swipes of my finger and it is on. It acts as a good primer for my under eye concealer and it is such a easy product to use. If you want fuss free radiance, you can pick this baby at any Elemis stockist or online here for £32.00. A little goes a long way but I warn you, you might get hooked. Have a great day lovelies! Tanzina x

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