Find Me on YouTube! And a Haul Video

Okay guys I’m going to take a huge leap of faith right now and introduce you to some information about me that I don’t really share with ANYONE! It’s really spontaneous, I wasn’t planning on writing a post for today at all, and it’s 1.39AM and I just thought why not? I hope I don’t live to regret this. 


I joined YouTube way before I begun blogging, I think I uploaded my first video when I was around 18 and I am now 22. Even though that doesn’t sound like that many years ago, I think in those years I did the most changing and growing up so to me it is really significant. Let me just put this out there – I HATE the first videos I made, I was much more unsure of myself and the quality and information was rubbish and I could easily delete those videos but I decided I won’t. They document the change in me, and I think a lot of Youtubers cringe at their first videos. So I’ve warned you, watch those at your own peril and I’d much prefer if you didn’t watch them at all – for your own good!

I make it sound like I have made lots of videos I really haven’t, just a few, 8 to be exact. However I do have a recent one for you which you can watch below which is a few fashion and beauty bits I have picked up. Now you can put a face/voice to the typing yay!

I will try to make more videos now that I can implement them into my blog as I’ve shared my big secret with you all. No promises though, they are much more hard work than they initially look, I don’t know how regular YouTubers do it! You can find me on YouTube [here] and I would love it if you subscribe. Do let me know your thoughts on this by leaving me a comment I really would appreciate it as I’m slightly nervous about this going up eek! Take care lovelies – Tanzina x

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