Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: Bye Bye Panda Eyes!

When it comes to makeup removers, Bioderma Crealine H20 Solution has been a godsend to me, I have not used any other make up remover since summer 2010. Three years! In a world where new makeup/skincare products are constantly being released and as a beauty blogger who loves to try new things that truly is dedication. However truth be told, I do succumb to *whispers* ‘makeup wipes’ for quick eye makeup removal when I’m really tired and have heavy eye makeup one on days such as when I attend evening weddings. Wipes are a big no no as they’re so harsh on your skin  and tend to leave me in dry patches. Bioderma DOES remove the heavy waterproof makeup, however it does take a  bit of time – time I could spend sleeping!

elemis makeup remover

elemis makeup remover

This is where this little beauty have stepped in and become a game changer for me. Again, I’ve used this for a whole month and probably more because as you know when it is skincare I really like to test it out fully before I report back. This is the Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, a bi-phase makeup remover that promises to take away waterproof makeup gently without added irritation around the eye area. The key ingredients in this are white flowers which helps to hydrate, white tea which helps to protect the skin and sooth tired and irritated eyes, marine spring water and Vitamin B5 to penetrate deep into the skin and help stimulate repair and increase moisture. Phew, quite a lot of good stuff packed in the bottle!

When I first received this I was a little skeptical as I have used bi-phase makeup removers which did the job of removing perfectly but left an oily reside which was annoying. I also suffered irritation from them which wasn’t pleasant so I’ve stayed away from them all together. However this seems to have got the blend just right, it really isn’t too oily and although it really does remove waterproof makeup really well it doesn’t feel harsh on my eyes or strip my skin dry. Instead it seems to do the opposite and leaves my eyes feeling hydrated.It is also actually ophthalmologist tested so it really is fine to use on sensitive eyes and even contact lenses wearers like myself.



For those confused to what is Bi-Phase in makeup removers, it basically is a product with a mixture of water and oil which you then shake and use so the two elements combine. Simple water isn’t effective enough for waterproof makeup as they tend to normally contain oils, waxes, pigments etc which are hard to penetrate so oil is necessary to help break it down easily. That’s not to say you can’t remove it with just water by itself, you can! But you probably will be at it for a while and all that rubbing and scrubbing is definitely not beneficial to your eye area! You simply shake the bottle and use and it is effective in removing makeup easily. It doesn’t have a strong scent to it at all, a slight white floral scent of lilies which happens to be my favourite flower and I would definitely recommend it.

The product retails for £19.00 for 125ml and should be out now. If you solely use it for waterproof makeup and lazy days this should last you quite a while. Bioderma still is a holy grail item for me but I think this has joined it too! You can pick this up at any Elemis retailer. 

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