Avon Makeup Look Teal and Brown

Hi lovelies, hope your all okay. Today’s post is a quick look at some new Avon products I’ve been playing around with a quick makeup look I whipped up. I’ve been super busy with some flat pack furniture making which was slightly stressful but not half as stressful as actually organising the actual drawers. I wish I could pay someone to do it for me! I’ve been wanting to create some more makeup looks but unfortunately with all the busy bee-ing I’ve been doing I haven’t had the time. Maybe tonight!




I’m not going to even bother introducing Avon, almost everyone knows who and what they are. I think my very first item of makeup was from them and today I will feature an Avon eyeliner that I’ve had seen my teenage years. But lets start with two new products that Avon have launched. Avon are launching a completely revamped makeup collection with their new True Colour technology. This means brighter more pigmented vivid, vibrant colours with longer lasting power. They are launching 17 eye palettes and 60 lip colours, yes 60! All these goodies will be launching next month.

avon warm cashmere

avon ocean waves

Now what I’m going to be looking at are two new eyeshadow duo palette which will retail for £6. The palette promises to provide colours that glide on exactly how it looks like in the palette and lasts all day crease-proof. I thought the best way to put it to the test is to create a makeup look and that is exactly what I did. The two palettes I picked out were called Warm Cashmere and Ocean Waves, names which automatically got a thumbs up from me. I love how blue and brown look together so thought the duos would work well together.

avon eye pencil


In order to make the teal blue really pop I decided to rely n one of my favourite and definitely oldest eye pencil which also happened to be from Avon. It’s from the Avon Colour Trend range which I think no longer exists but it was basically targeted at teens. Its a gorgeous vivid blue that I used as a base for the Ocean Waves light blue shadow. The colour is called simply Turquoise and it goes on so smoothly on the waterline hence why it remains one of my favourite. Below I have pictures where you can have a closer look at the look I created.  – Oh wow, I just checked online for the eye pencil and they still stock it! You can find it here, I couldn’t recommend it enough its so good I hope the formulation still is the same. Its an absolute steal at just £1.99.



I found that the shadows were of really good quality however there were some shades that were hit and miss. I found that the blue palette wasn’t as pigmented as I would’ve liked it to be however the brown Warm Cashmere palette was gorgeous, really silky and went on really well. I think pastel shades like the blue are really hard to make work however if you have a really good base under it they work pretty well. Overall I was really impressed with the Warm Cashmere palette and am looking forward to trying the rest of the collection. The colours blended really well and I will soon be showing you some gorgeous lip products I’ve been super impressed with. If you wanted to try the palettes they retail for £6 each and are over at the Avon site from next month.


Oh speaking of lip products, my lips in the first picture are a combination of MAC Impassioned and MAC Embrace Me lip liner. I know today’s post was rather quick and not too detailed but I wanted to share my first impressions with the products and also show you how I used them. I shall return back to organising my drawers and speak to you all soon! Take care, Tanzina x

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