Review: Clayspray Pore Refining White Clay Masque

Recently I’ve been feeling a little sad and down and needed a little perk me up pamper day. I decided to have the full works at home, I stuck a movie on done my nails, put a face mask on, a hair mask too before going through more beauty rituals in the tub during my bubble bath! I was supposed to be flying out today, 2pm to be exact, but due visa issues in Saudi Arabia it looks like my summer holiday is postponed. You can understand why I’ve been feeling low! But putting that aside I decided to review the face mask/masque I used as I’ve used it a few times now so I have a better idea of what I think of it!

clayspray pore refining

clayspray pore refining

A quick intro about Clayspray before I go into the review. Now Clayspray is a revolutionary brand which brings us pure clay something that can’t be boasted about by many people. Also the clay is mined from Sprain, the Irene Mine, which contains pure clay which is over millions of years old. Many clay mines are contaminated by elements such as pollution, but this one is not. All of Clayspray’s products are natural meaning they are free of preservatives, free of parabens, free of perfumes and also not tested in animals. The masques contain 60% to 65% clay whereas your normal clay masks contain at most 15% to 20%, quite a difference.

clayspray pore refining

The nozzle itself is very hygienic, through the use of the nozzle (I wouldn’t call it a spray) the clay does not become exposed to the air so you are getting it are pure as possible. Exposure can speed up the decomposing of clay, and that factor is avoided here. I use my other clay masques mostly from jars, which now makes me think just how exposed those masques are to possible altering elements such as air, steam etc. Also the product is only ONCE touched by you when you use it, so if you had any germs lurking on your hands it won’t contaminate the rest of the product.

clayspray pore refining

Now on to the review! The masque I had to try was the Clayspray Pore Refining White Clay Masque. This is good for removing impurities, purifying and refining pores leaving your skin feeling really smooth and refreshed. I found it really really easy to use, a little squeeze and you have a mess free application at hand. I was super smart (not blowing my own trumpet there at all) and squeezed directly onto the brush I use to apply face masques and avoided getting my fingers dirty! It applied really smoothly, but like a silly billy I decided to talk to my friend using headphones while letting the masque dry and because they kept making me laugh on purpose I ended up with a very cracked face!

clayspray pore refining

That’s my half set face. Very appealing, yes I know. See those headphone? Yes, I was taking pauses between laughing and tying to do a pose face! The masque set fine, it was comfortable and washed off really easily too. I found that my skin was left feeling really soft, smooth and it felt really clean. If there were any impurities they definitely felt eliminated. I can truly tell the difference between this masque and any other clay masques, the quality of it really differs. It’s super easy to use and I would definitely recommend it.

Pricing. Now when it comes to pricing it is slightly more than what I am used to paying for a face masque, this retails for £41.71 (what an odd number) which does sound very pricey. Of course this is a luxurious product and is more than just luxurious packaging so it is understandable why the price point is so high. However you do get at least 17 uses from the 125ml which works out to be just under £2.50 per use which sounds very reasonable. I would easily purchase a sachet for that price!

The Glow Red Clay masque has really caught my attention, I do sometimes get dull skin that needs to be banished so I might invest in that once this runs out. There are also some hair masques that are on my to try list. You can purchase Clayspray products here. Until next time, take care and please keep me in your prayers as I really want my holiday to work out!

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    • I know what you mean. Even I did a doubletake at the price, I can understand why it’s priced like that but I guess we’re not used to spending that much on face mask. It’s definitely a splurge but not a wasted splurge if that makes any sense x

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