Quick Peek: Matthew Williamson and Benefit The Rich is Back

Hi lovelies! Hope your day has been going well. Today I am going to just quickly mention a product that has caught my eye and I may ‘accidentally’ buy if I find myself left alone on the shop floor over the next few days. I’m going away on holiday to Dubai on Saturday and then to Saudi Arabia for a week to start off Ramadhan so that’s two weeks of crazy spending coming up and I really shouldn’t be over indulging. However there are no sins in enabling others . I introduce you to this lovely little kit by Benefit, called The Rich is Back. This was created by a collaboration with British fashion designer, Matthew Williamson.

benefit  the rich is back

The box contains seven products, six being completely exclusive to the kit and I find every single one of the products a hit, something which doesn’t always happen with kits and beauty boxes. Firstly we have four gorgeous pigmented shadows that can be paired together in many ways, all shimmery colours that blend really easily. There is a gorgeous dark brown, gold, pearl, and teal. They are very wearable, can be worn smokey or neutral or the teal can be used to add a pop to your eyes.

benefit the rich is back

The next exclusive product is a gorgeous red based lipgloss with a gold shimmer running through it called Inferno. A very wearable colour for me, lightly in the day time for a slight slick of colour or over red lip pencil for a bolder lip. Now the next product is a cheek powder, in Gimme Fever, which I really really am annoyed about. Every January-ish time each year Benefit release a boxed powder and I adore their powders and own every single one so I was looking very forward to this years one. Unfortunately this year alas there was no new release on the cheek front and my heart broke a little bit. When I spied Gimme Fever, a warm pink that has a gold shimmer running through it, I wanted a full size version of it! It’s very wearable and I wanted to get lots of the little ones in the kit smash them up and make myself a big version of it. However a birdy has told me there WILL be a very special blush released by Benefit this year and I am already VERY excited about that. Talking about blushes – I might do my top three Benefit blush post?

benefit the rich is back

The final product in the kit is the much coveted They’re Real, the most popular mascara worldwide, the most sold beauty product in the UK, and a very good mascara too! I’ve used this before, I’ve gone through two tubes and I have a new mini one in my life so I’m looking forward to extending my peepers with that again. When I used to work on counter at Benefit, yes I was a BeneBabe, I used to wear They’re Real and I did have people asking whether my lashes were falsies or not so it really is impressive.

That is all that is in the kit, quite a great mix right? You can actually take the seperater thingy out after you’ve used the products and keep the box as a memory keepsake box, jewellery or storage box and I think that is a lovely little touch. The box retails for £26.50 and I think I definitely find that worth it for what you get especially that exclusive blusher, darn you Benefit for not making me a big version of it! You can pick it up at any Benefit retailer or here from their website.

Do they have Benefit at Duty Free? If so, I think it’s fair to say this will be coming home with me. Or maybe I might pick it up from Dubai Sephora. Hey, I’m saving all my money for shopping on holiday and the holiday starts at the airport right? Let me know your thoughts on this, you can tweet me here!

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