L’Occitane Sublime BB Cream

Today’s post is all about a BB cream, and BB creams are something I haven’t tried or talked about. The whole BB cream fascination in the Western world has exploded over the last couple of  years and now brands are already stepping into the CC category. Before you know it we’ll all probably we wearing double D’s on our faces. I thought before we reach that point I should dip my toe into the water, and find out what the fuss was all about. My weapon of choice? The L’Occitane Sublime BB Cream.  

l'occitane bb cream
When I think of L’Occitane gorgeous, rich and beautiful smelling hand creams come to mind. Especially the limited edition Desert Rose one that came out a couple of years ago that I heavily stocked up on. Of all hand creams I’ve tried, L’Occitane ones remain my favourite. They also make some luxurious soaps that my mum adores, and some great skin care pieces. But they haven’t really stepped into the colour territory so I was interested to see how well their transition into that world via their BB cream was translated.
l'occitane sublime bb cream
The BB cream comes in two shade, and automatically I assumed I’d be Medium rather than Light. However after applying them both, I opted for Light. Reason being, my skin colour has a lot of yellow in it and instead of warming my colour up, Medium deposited an orange tint to the skin. That being said, Medium matches Jane from BBB really well and warms her skin up despite Jane being many shades lighter than me! In all fairness my skin colour is rather difficult, the yellow in it makes it very stubborn to match so I always have to test well before I purchase.
Light on me however matches really well and blends out seamlessly as you’ll be able to tell from the picture below. I like the coverage, it’s light but it does seem to cover any pigmentation imperfections I have on my face and combats redness too. The SPF factor on this is 30 which is good as I like quite a high SPF factor on products and would’ve been disappointed with a 15 or 20. I suffer from dry skin, so for me I found it wasn’t moisturising enough however once I added moisturiser underneath it, it worked perfectly and left a matte finish.
On the durability factor, it came out trumps. I’ve worn it quite regularly over the past couple of weeks to test it out properly, and it’s lasted until I’ve taken it off. What I really like about it is that it doesn’t feel heavy on my face and as I’m not a foundation user that really is key. I hate the feeling foundation leaves on my skin, and when I wear even a light coverage one I keep itching for a makeup wipe to wipe it all of. This luckily doesn’t do that for me.
Overall I’m happy with this product, it’s perfect for a day when I want to make a little bit more effort and have a nice base to my makeup so I can look a little closer to flawless for pictures. When I do use a really light foundation like Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation it’s usually reserved for very special events like weddings and photoshoots but now I have an easy meet in the middle option in this BB cream for special dates and evenings out. It also smells beautiful, it’s patented with two angel flowers – the white iris and angelica. Combined they leave a really pleasing floral scent to the skin.
The L’Occitane Sublime BB cream is out next month and will be priced at £25 – you can purchase it from any L’Occitane store or here.


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    • You should!I should be reviewing more of their products so keep an eye out for that x

  1. Oh waw, this actually looks like a good shade for me! Might have to check that out in store when it launches :)

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