Green Nails? Orly Coachella Dweller

I’m procrastinating by writing this post really I should be writing an essay for the 17th however here I am being a very bad student. You wouldn’t guess this is my very last year of education would you *cries*. However whilst I was taking a much needed break from writing essays I painted my nails while catching up on my billion programmes. I decided to experiment with a green nail polish and I loved it so much I had to blog about it.

orly coachella dweller

FACT: I have never worn green polish. Okay that’s a semi fact, I have tried it on but I have always hated it that I remove it within seconds of application. It’s just such a hard colour to make work, slightly witch like don’t you think. No scratch that, extremely witch like. Green talons are just a resounding no in my book, that is until now.

orly coachella dweller


 Even whilst in the bottle Orly Coachella Dweller was attractive to me, it’s quite a unique colour – a milky green green (not to be confused with mint blue toned green). Not something you come across often or see much of at all. Think about it, you get pastel blues, yellows, pinks but greens? That is rare, and I can understand why because it is so easy to get wrong. Some of you may know my favourite nail colour to wear is that mint green, think Essie Mint Candy Apple, Nails Inc Haymarket, and this seemed like a much more apple take on that shade. I had to experiment. Once on the nails, it’s true to colour and hands up I admit I even sniffed at my talons thinking they may possibly have that apple scent to them. I think it’s because the polish reminded me so much of the pastel green gel pens we had in school that were scented apple flavour. I’m tempted to go searching for those pens, I wonder if they still make them?


orly coachella dweller

It definitely takes three full coats to go opaque and I know what your thinking, that is so annoying! And yes, in an ideal world one coat should make all polishes fully opaque and drying time should range between three to five seconds maximum! I would love that too but if I do have to build up coats I want the consistency of the polishes to be like this one. As you paint one hand, starting from the thumb to your baby finger, by the time you paint the little finger the thumb is ready for another coat. I don’t mean it’s fully dry but it is more than dry enough to paint another coat on without it becoming gloopy and horrible looking. And the same goes for for the third and final coat which works out perfect for me as there is none of that waiting around for one coat to dry before painting on another. I finish the application with a slick of my beloved Seche Vite top coat and we are ready to roll.

I took these pictures FIVE days after painting my nails and so far so good. To be fair in general I find that Orly polishes last chip free for quite a while and of course what top coat you use also helps. Oh and that little dash of pink is also an Orly polish I used to add more oomph to my nails. It’s La Vida Loca but more on that later.

That is it for my green talon posts, I’m loving the polish and can see myself returning to it quite a lot this summer. I’ve had a few questions on the colour already actually which is impressive and I guess it’s just because its such an unusual colour so it grabs attention. The mention of Coachella is a big giveaway as you what collection this belongs to, it’s festival inspired and belongs to Orly’s Hope & Freedom fest collection. You can pick up here for £10.25 with a free Top2Bottom polish or you any Orly stockists. Sometimes you can shop around online and grab some great Orly bargains so if you can get it, do! It’s such a great colour and I’ definitely recommend it. 

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