Tom Ford Burnished Amber Quad: Review & Makeup Look

Some of you may already know I am a huge fan of Tom Ford products, and I’ve loved every product I’ve tried. Unfortunately Tom Ford does not come with a budget friendly price tag, and as much as I would love to have many many TF items in my collection I only have a few. That being said, I do thing that the products are worth the money and the luxury quality stands out immensely throughout the whole collection. One item that I do have in my make up collection is the gorgeous 06 Burnished Amber Eye Colour Quad.




How beautiful is this palette? The camera cannot capture just how stunning these shadows really are. Burnished Amber was the first palette I picked up and I did spend quite some time choosing this one. I adored every quad that I came across but this looked a colour palette that I can see myself using quite often, if I’m going to spend £62.00 on eye shadow I wanted to make sure it gets used often. The 4 shades are all shimmery but not glittery or anything distracting, this can easily be an every day shadow palette. It definitely was something that suited my tanned skin tone and I have nothing like this in my collection.


The quad contains 4 shades, a pale but yellow based gold, a burnt pinky shade, a deep pink based plum and a pale copper shade. Honestly I spent ages trying to figure out how to describe the colours, a simple gold pink purple and bronze really doesn’t cut it. They feel very silky to touch which is amazing for blending as the colours glide with each other. Another think I noticed is that there is literally no drop out so you really are making the most of the product. Pigmentation wise, you get great colour pay off and the colours translate straight from the palette to the skin. What you see in the pan is what you get when you go to apply.




There definitely aren’t the brightest shades from the collection, hence why I gravitated towards the quad. I wanted something wearable, and this is it. There is enough colour selection to create a light day time look, and then smoke it up a bit with the plum and copper for evening wear or even a more dramatic look. When I use this palette I tend not to reach for any other shadows at all, except if I want a really deep crease – then I go for a matte brown to add definition.

I thought along with providing swatches for the quad, I thought I’d also show you an eye look I created with the palette. I was really unsure what kind of look to create for the review, do I go for a super simple day look or a dramatic smokey look? I decided I’d for something in the middle, so it could be worn in the daytime without looking over the top and again for an evening out without looking under dressed. Although I have to admit, I hardly tend to stick to day/evening time frames for my make up, I do whatever I feel like doing. I used all four shades for this look, using the gold for the whole lid and then the pink applied on the other half of the lid over the gold. I used the plum on the crease and outer V and smoked it up a bit with the copper colour.




I think I’ve figured out a way to photograph eye looks better so please bear with me, the next eye looks should be better photographed. So just to recap this is the Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad in 06 Burnished Amber and it retails for £62.00. You can have a look at it here. If you’re unsure what colour to go for please do not use the pictures on the website as a guide because it’s such a bad representation of the colours in real life. Pop in stores and have a look before you decide, you’ll understand what I mean when you see them in person. Right now I’ve got my eyes on Sahara Haze which features a green palette  which I think would suit my eyes but the only way to find out is when I pop in stores.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, make sure you let me know what you think! Until next time have an amazing day full of smiles – Tanzina x

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    • I’m sorry you feel that way, but unfortunately my eye shape doesn’t change or vary so of course looks will look similar on each eye pic. Obviously there are colour changes etc.. however I will be trying different colours/combos and techniques in the future so hopefully that will be enough of a change for you.

  1. This eye palette looks so gorgeous on you and it was really sad to know the palette is discontinued…:(

  2. If you still have it, even if its used I will buy it from you, what price would you be interested in selling it?

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