QVC: Behind the Scenes and Sarah Chapman

Hi lovelies, hope your all okay. I recently was able to visit the QVC studios and see a bit of shooting last week which I was extremely extremely excited about. I’ve visited the studios before, but this time round I was able to drop in to show featuring the beautiful Sarah Chapman and pick at her brain a little bit after the show during a meet and greet. I thought I would show you little back stage action, and make you realise just how different things are behind the camera and talk a little bit about what I discovered regarding QVC.

Home shopping really is a convenience to so many people, and when your sitting down and watching people present the latest beauty finds and amazing deals it’s hard to imagine what really is happening behind the scene. See I’ve worked on beauty counters before and I mistakenly thought that QVC was a little bit similar to that. A lot of claims are made on counters that hold little truth behind it and I thought maybe QVC did the same.. they ‘beautified’ the truth. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The Advertising Standards Authority heavily monitor what is being said and whether there are lies involved, and QVC stick strongly to their rules and regulations. Sometimes brands come out with claims that cannot be proved, and if a brand on QVC attempt to do that then QVC will make them stop if they wish to be featured on the channel. Much more trust worthy than retail shop assistants hey?!

IMG_5600A huge do not disturb sign!


Above we have a couple of snaps from behind the scenes, a On Air sign outside the control room and the control room itself. This is where lots of important actions occur such as camera control and sound control. You know how presenters have little earphone thingys in their ear? This is where the person who talks into it sits. They tell them things such as how long left till break or how long till the camera comes back to them. Also, notice when QVC inform us that there are only 50 items left, or the item is about to sell out? The person telling the presenter that is in the control room. And again I used to be a bit of sceptic thinking is a product really selling out or are they just trying to convince us to buy. Well again they are not allowed to lie, and that is the complete truth. I myself saw how quickly Sarah Chapman’s Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex started selling out, the products go really quickly!



I peeked into some of the dressing rooms were presenters and guests get ready and I have to admit I mentally planned how my dressing room in my mansion will look like. Look at those huge mirrors surrounded by lights. Currently at home I’ve also set up a huge mirror going across the wall like the first picture, well not that big ..but it most definitely doesn’t come with lights and the glamour. The studio also has a salon for models to prep and ‘chilling out’ rooms where guests and presenters can sit and relax. It really is rather luxurious and much bigger than I imagined!




As you can see from the pictures above, there is no huge camera crew (like I had imagined) instead there are robotic cameras. AND the thing that really surprised me was the lack of auto cue! Everything everyone says comes from their own mind, their own knowledge. They aren’t being fed seductive words to entice the viewer, only what they know. From the pictures above you can see Alison Young talking to the lovely Sarah Chapman about her latest launch ‘Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex’ which happens to currently be a QVC exclusive at the moment which you can get hold of here. Currently it’s on a special price of £45.58 and had great feedback when samples were tested at the QVC beauty bash. I’ve actually been able to get my hands on the product, and I will try to bring a more in depth review on it for you.


QVC have a lot of different studios, and here in another one prepped and ready for a show on bed linen. Apparently there are hidden sets, for example you pull the bed forward and behind a bath room set comes out! With fitting and fixtures like these, I think I can see myself moving in to the QVC studios. Really, you wouldn’t mind being locked in there for the night. In the morning you can head over to the salon and get ready in luxury!

I really had such an amazing time at the studios and it was really great meeting Sarah Chapman and getting to talk about her different products. My stand out favourite was the Overnight Facial which was this gorgeous luxurious feeling oil which you massage in to you skin every night. It smelt absolutely gorgeous and has definitely been added to my never ending to buy list. Honestly it smelt so so good, the jasmine notes really stood out and didn’t smell synthetic at all. You can have a look at it here 

Overall I had a great time at the event, getting to tour the studios and see how live shows work in more depth. I hope you all enjoyed this post and were able to get a little bit more of an idea what goes on behind the scenes! I will definitely be bringing you a few more product reviews from the QVC beauty stash so keep an eye out for that!

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