New Carmex Goodies – Handbag Must Haves

Hi you. Today I thought I’d share with you the beauty(ish) item I’ve recently been reaching most for, something that quite obviously has become a handbag and pocket must have. You can tell from the title that it’s some new Carmex goodies so I have pictures and thoughts to share with you all. 


I introduce you to the latest additions to the Carmex family, these gorgeous smelling Carmex Ultra Moisturising Click Sticks. These come in three amazing smelling flavours, Vanilla for those who like a sweet smelling scent and fruity Lime and Pomegranate for those who like a more juicier kick to their lips. Now I dislike fruity perfumes, fruity bath products but more some reason I love fruity tastes on my lips. Probably because I can sort of get away with eating the products a little bit!




I find that this range of Carmex products has hands down become my favourite, previous to loving the Ultra Moisturising Click Sticks my favourite were the tubes due to convenience but with this you seem to  be able to slather on lots of product and it feels like it moisturises my lips much more than the tube. Probably because I wasn’t applying enough, I’m not really much of a trigger/squeeze happy person and was probably being a little stingy with applying fro the tube. For every day lip balm this has become my absolute favourite discovery, it’s the perfect consistency. Dr Lipp Nipple Cream still remains my favourite luxury balm, but it’s not really day time material, as you may already know it’s a part of my night routine.

The Click Sticks contain Vitamin E and Aloe which help prevent premature ageing and the Aloe helps with soothing. They glide on really well, really silky and they’re really addictive because I keep reaching for it as I love the feel of these on my lips. They also contain SPF 15 which is a bonus as it means my lips remain protected.

So what’s my favourite?


That’s so easy, I absolutely love the Lime Twist flavour, I’m a huge fan of Lime in food and it’s still true when it comes to lip products. I love the scent in this, and the tingly feeling you get when it’s applied. I love adding lime/lemon juice to food and I adore Virgin Mojitos so it was obvious that this flavour was going to be my top pick. As you can see, I’ve already got a back up for when I run out of the one I’m using right now.


I haven’t quite given up my little tub of Carmex however. I still have it and still use it. See I’m a little bit weird in the sense I don’t just apply balms to my lips, I also apply it to cracked skin and cuticles depending on my mood. For some reason I’m not comfortable with applying  fruit flavours to those areas, although I’m sure it’s perfectly safe to. I apply the tub Carmex to the sides of my nose because the winter really makes those areas sore. However I tend to only do that when I’m home otherwise my weird-ness would be exposed to the world! With the tub I find I can apply a really thick layer of Carmex on my lips – again something I would only do indoors! For everything else, like outdoor trips and on the go moments the Click Sticks are absolutely perfect.

The Ultra Moisturising Click Sticks are priced at £3.25

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, let me know what flavour you would go for! Tanzina x

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