Mother’s Day with Elemis

I’m such an idiot sometimes, see I’ve been meaning to do a Mother’s day post for a while but in my head it was a week away and not a day away! See I’m seeing my Mum next weekend as I live away from home and am not able to visit her this week. Thinking that in mind, I kept putting the post off! However reality has kicked in and here is a super late Mother’s Day post. Hopefully it’ll help you with last minute gift ideas or if you are like me and celebrating it after the actual day. I have two options for you, one very savvy and affordable and the other luxurious but with great savings.

Mother's Day (1)

This is a cute little duo to unwind to, I actually bought the Valentine duo (for myself!) and I’m still really enjoying it. This little duo comes with a Skin Nourishing Milk Bath which I really want to try and test out and a lavender candle to compliment it and create a really relaxing bath moment. It’s priced at £12 for spa quality products and you can pick it up here


The second gift idea is a collaboration between Elemis and Harvey Nichols and something I really am considering getting for my mum. It’s an ultimate pampering package, and will definitely make most Mums very happy to receive. I have the details below.

Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge are offering an amazing package, where you can get all of the following, for just £100. (Total package is worth £150)

2 x 3 course lunch at Season restaurant
2 x Elemis facials
1 x complimentary gift from Elemis

 And although it’s really cheeky you can benefit from this gift two. You can chaperone your Mum and experience it with her too. Perfect for bonding and sharing the experience with her. Or you could send someone else along, like your Dad but luckily for me this really isn’t anything my Dad would enjoy! Not that I’m complaining. Looks like I will have headed to Harvey Nichols before this post is live!

I hope you’ve liked the ideas, and if you have any great ones do let me know. I really want to do something hand made so please share ideas. 2012 and 2013 really have been a great year for my relationship with Elemis, I’m discovering and falling in love with more and more products. I’ve actually have a few more Elemis products that I LOVE that needs to be shared with you, so keep an eye out for that! I hope you all have an amazing day – Tanzina x

Total package is worth £150.

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