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Hi lovelies hope your okay! If you remember a while back I let you all know that in 2013 I’m changing my skincare and haircare up slightly (I spoke about day cream here) and today I thought I’d share with you a new range called Breaking Hair range that I am trying and testing out for my hair. The range is by Lee Strafford, a celebrity hair stylist, and I’ve really given myself months to fully experience the range and have already repurchased the shampoo!


The range is all about avoiding hair breakage, and helping you grow your hair strong and healthy. It’s aptly named ‘Breaking Hair’ and consists of a hair serum, hair treatment, shampoo and conditioner. I’ve also got a Lee Strafford volumising mousse that I’ve just begun playing around with after using up all my other mousses. As you can see from above the packaging is a really bright eye catching fuchsia pink which I’ve been enjoying having in my shower as I do like bits of pink everywhere! Today I thought I’d talk you through the products I use in the shower, and devote another post to the mousse and serum.


Before I begin I just want to make it clear that I still am a fan of SLS free shampoos and this isn’t an SLS free shampoo. My hair has improved vastly from using SLS free products, I know it’s silly to swap from something that was working for you but I really wanted to use this duo together and I think I was missing the really foamy aspect of using an SLS containing shampoo. Saying that, after I run out my second bottle of this shampoo, I will return to SLS free products just to be extra careful.

Now back to the shampoo, this is the Breaking Hair Shampoo, retailing for £8.99. It contains Vitamin A & E and is aimed at dry damaged brittle and broken hair. My hair had been breaking due to it’s brittle nature and I find that this shampoo is rather nourishing and moisturising. It foams well, cleans my hair really really well (something my SLS free Naked shampoo wasn’t doing) and smells great. Can’t really ask for more except please make an SLS free version and I will be a convert for good! But I do see myself taking a break from SLS free now and again and picking this up again in the future.

Now on to the Breaking Hair Conditioner again retailing for £8.99. This I really enjoy because it really does moisturise my hair, it contains Soy, Amino Acids to strengthen hair and after usage my hair feels really smooth. The one thing that nags me a little bit is the smell, it’s a bit funny and weird, it could just be me. I feel like I can smell the medicinal element of the ingredients? But I adore the smell of the shampoo and wish the conditioner would smell the same. But other than the smell I’m happy with it, it adds gloss and shine to my hair so I’m a happy bunny.


Now onto the hair treatment, the Breaking Hair Treatment, this is my absolute favourite. I tend to take an egg size amount and smother it all over my hair concentrating on the ends mostly. I stick my shower cap and finish the rest of my shower routine off before returning to wash the mask/treatment off. It really is hydrating and I don’t just say ‘it leaves my hair silky smooth’ – it really does. The scent is also really nice and it contains soy and amino acids to help strengthen hair and improve the moisture balance. It’s priced at £10.99 for 200ml and I’d definitely recommend this. Sometimes you can get some really good deals on the treatment at Boots, so keep an eye out for that! Lee Stafford describe this as a ‘luxurious treatment’ and I have to agree. This to me is the winner of the bunch.

You can find Lee Strafford hair range in Boots.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, I’ve been putting it off because I wanted to get my hair trimmed first (makes sense in my head) but I’ve postponed the hair trim to July so thought it was about time I shared my hair care changes. I hope you all have an amazing day! Tanzina x

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