Winter Saviour Recipe: Sanctuary and Nipple Balm!

With snow spreading over the UK (you can so tell this post has been draft for a while) and winter really settling in, I try to stay in bed for as long as possible. Unfortunately life gets in the way of my plans and plays havoc on my body heat. Not only my body heat, but also my skin. My skin tends to get dehydrated from the cold, and tight and dull. I’ve discovered an amazing instant moisture boost recipe that completely sorts my skin out for the next day and I thought I’d share it with you all. 


This recipe is an overnight one, which made me wake up in the morning with super soft baby skin. I’m not sure how well it’ll work on oily/combination skin but on normal/dry skin I think this one will be a winner.


Just before I get to bed, the first thing I do is give my face a good cleanse, to clear any blocked pores and to provide a clear canvas to work on. Next I apply my eye cream under my eyes, I’m currently using Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair eye cream (which I’m unfortunatelyalmost running out of and dreading the £37 repurchase!). After that, I use an amazing moisturising face mask as an overnight moisturising mask. It’s the Sanctuary Moisture Boosting mask and I absolutely love it. I’ll definitely be purchasing a full size tube of this if I can find it. When I wake up in the morning and wash the residue off I am literally left with baby soft skin. I’m not exaggerating here, my skin feels so moisturised and soft. It’s definitely a huge boost to my skin and something I will turn to whenever my skin has been stretched to it’s limit. It’s £2.05 for a packet and you can find it here
Now that’s not all there is to recipe to soft amazing skin. There is no point in super soft skin when it comes with dry chapped and peeling lips! Now I have the answer to that too and that is only my new holy grail product, Dr.Lipp Original nipple balm. The name really does still make me laugh. I’ve mentioned this product as a favourite (here) and it still is a firm favourite, I’ve really been using it often. I use it almost every night and when my lips are super dried out, I smother lots on and fall asleep in it. These two products combined ensure I wake up with soft gorgeous hydrated skin and lips and I just can’t recommend it enough. It is more on the pricey side for a lip balm at £11.50 but considering it works so well and lasted me so long i think it’s worth every penny. You can pick it up here
That’s it for my little recipe, it’s a recipe I will definitely turn to before special events and when my skin is traumatised. I do have to make sure I don’t turn to this too often, my skin might be overdosed in moisture and break out however once in while is perfect. Sorry this post was published whilst the snow is melting however the cold weather and harsh wind still are persevering so hopefully this recipe will be just as magic for you as it is for me! 
Also a little quick update, the giveaway winner for Elemis was Lynn, who I have already contacted. I will be holding another giveaway on my facebook when I hit 250 there, so make sure you like and keep an eye out! Links are all on the right hand side. Hope you have a great day x

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  1. Nipple Balm what a funny name for a lip balm. Glad you’ve found the perfect products for yourself in Winter. As someone who has combination skin as well, I have to say it takes a lot of trial and error to find the products with the right amount of moisture for Winter.

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