Illamasqua: Mystery Box Edition

Hi you, I have a little black box to share with you all today and share I will do. From the title you can probably guess we are talking about the Illamasqua Mystery Box which was gifted to me by my beautiful friend Yasmin for my birthday! I’ve been wanting to delve into the world of Illamasqua and discover the brand a bit more and clearly Yasmin read my mind because this couldn’t be more perfectly timed. Without much further ado, let’s get straight into the post.


illamasqua mystery box

illamasqua mystery box

The mystery box is a very generous box containing 1x eye pigment, 2x nail polish, 1x liquid liner and 2x eye shadows. All in all you have 6 products, two of which are already revealed and the other 4 a mystery. I wish all beauty boxes such as She Said Beauty, Glossybox etc were up to this calibre because if they were I would still be subscribed. My first impressions when I opened the box was just wow, I automatically eyed products I knew I would love and saw other products that made me think of fun colour experiments.

illamasqua antique gold electrum


The first product that was guaranteed to be in the box was a Liquid Metal (cream shadow) in Electrum, which is a gorgeous antique gold that I automatically adored. I can tell that it’ll really suit my colouring and work as both a base and shadow for me. I know this is colour is a huge hit for Illamasqua lovers and am so glad I was able to get my hands on it too.

illamasqua precision ink

precision ink

The second confirmed product is a Liquid Eyeliner Precision Ink  in Glister, which is a glittery opalescent nude liquid liner. Now this is clearly not your every day eyeliner, but Illamasqua is all about pushing boundaries and doing things in an unconventional way. I look forward to using this under my black liner, on the bottom lash line and I might even attempt a speckled eye liner look inspired by the Illamasqua I’mperfection range – hard core fans know what I’m on about! Apparently this has immense staying power, and if the swatch that refuses to budge from my hands is anything to go by I’m guessing it’s not going to disappoint on that front.

illamasqua rampage illamasqua jan

Now on to the mystery products. The first things that popped out to me where these two nail polishes, one in Rampage (a deep green polish) and Jan (a gogeous pinky lilac colour). I automatically knew that Jan will be receiving a lot of love, it’s a gorgeous every day wearable colour that will compliment any season and any occasion. I look forward to using it all up! The green however isn’t a colour I would typically go for however I’ve applied it to one of my nails and the forest green shade seemed to really suit my skin tone. I like how this colour will help me step out of my comfort zone and I’m looking forward to using  both alone and under top coats of glitter, sparkles and shiny things.


The last two products in the box where eye shadows and again just like the nail polishes there was one that I warmed to straight away, and another that made me thing, what am I going to use with that! The deep bright purple shade called Fallen is a colour I would use quite a bit, to add a bit of purple to smokey looks or compliment an outfit. The pastel yellow called Bloom is not as wearable as the purple however funnily enough I am looking more forward to trying out the yellow than the purple! I used to be a bright eyeshadow kind of girl, I’d co-ordinate my shadow to my top, necklace, earring, bracelet, handbag and shoes! Although I’ve thankfully gotten over my ridiculous matchy matchy phase, I miss the bright shadows I used to wear and I like to think my make up techniques have really improved compared to before. For that reason and the colour combinations I have compiled in my mind, I am really itching to start experimenting with Bloom.

So the mystery box for me contained six gorgeous products that I will get use out of and I am really happy to say each one made me happy and I don’t have any disappointments. I know mystery boxes can be a bit of a hit and miss for everyone but I am glad that mine was most definitely a hit! I can’t wait to play around with these beauties and I can now proudly state that my Illamasqua collection stands at a happy 7 products -the other being a cream blush. Thank you to the beautiful Yasmin for making me a happy bunny, she’s probably Makeup A to Z’s number one fan and is turning 21 tomorrow. So a little early Happy Birthday to my gorgeous friend and I can’t wait to see you soon! Until next time everyone have a lovely day and join me in sending all the best wishes in Yasmin’s direction – Tanzina x


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