Illamasqua – I’m Perfection

“Within the word imperfection you’ll find ImPerfection;
sometimes the soul of the word is staring you in the face. It is
our so called flaws that make us unique. The beauty is in our
differences , our imperfection is our beauty. ”
Alex Box – creative director

A rather different start to my posts, it’s actually a quote from Illamasqua and their recently released collection ‘I’m Perfection’ and I agreed with it so much that I had to share with you. I know it’s quite rare of me to share collections I haven’t yet tried, or newly released stuff I haven’t played around with but I think I will from now on share new releases that really catch my attention. Starting with Illamasqua.

Illamasqua imperfection

This is the whole collection, and the first thing that jumps right out to me is the gorgeous Limited Speckled nail varnishes. They look so unique and gorgeous, I think the blue one is my favourite from the pictures. It’s called ‘In Fragile’ and reminds me of little baby eggs that I used to find in my school bushes.

IMperfection PJEGAVI LAKOVI  2

This is what Illamasqua have to say about the polishes:  ‘Inspired by the fragility and beauty of irregular markings upon bird eggs, for Spring we introduce a new, limited edition speckled finish to our award-winning Nail Varnish formula.‘ They are priced at £14.50 each and come in 5 different shades. Freckle – Speckled soft neutral, Fragile- Speckled soft blue, Mottle – Speckled soft green, Scarce- Speckled soft pink, Speckle- Speckled soft lilac.


I thought I’d share with you three products that really caught my attention. I don’t think I’ve brave enough to dare the green lipgloss just yet but I love how there is a unconventional product in the line up. I know Illamasqua is not about sticking to the norm, and I appreciate that they translate that in to their collections too. I think this would have to be my first favourite pick from the collection, as I am a huge lover of bright matte lips. Closely followed by the blushers, but more on that later. I will definitely be heading out to pick up this little beauty! This shade is called ‘Immodest‘, a vivid matte finish pink, and is priced at £16.50. I love Illamasqua lipsticks already, so I have a feeling this will be firm spring summer favourite for me too. From what I’ve been hearing it’s highly pigmented – right up my street!


Another product that caught my attention was this blush duo is ‘Lover’ and ‘Hussy’. They look like shades that will suit my tanned skin colour and something that is very spring suited. Lover is a soft apricot colour and Hussy is a candy pink shade. They are priced at £26.00 each.


My final pick is a new product, the new Blush Up Brush. This is unlike any blush brush I’ve come across and even from pictures alone I can see how well it would work. I also can see how useful it would be for contouring the cheeks. Illamasqua describe this as a brush that has  ‘A specific cut shape to define and elongate the cheekbones, slimming & sculpting the face.‘ You can pick this up for £28.50

You can have a look at the whole collection here. I think so far this has been my favourite collection of the lot and I definitely will let you all know about any more collections that catch my eye. What would be your pick from the lot? I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll try to do more of this new release posts for you all. Tanzina x

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