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Hi lovelies, with the start of 2013 I’ve started trying new products for my skincare and hair care and I though I’d introduce you to some of them and share my thoughts on them. You might already know that I have normal/dry skin and I’m really big on everything hydrating. My skin has really been improving on the dry front, I don’t need to rely so much on my much love Oilatum. Today’s post is on day creams I use, mostly the new Avon Vitale Day Cream.


So a quick overview on this cream. This is from Avon’s new skincare range that launched in January. I’ve been trialling it since December so I’ve had quite some time to figure out my thoughts on it. It’s for the 25+ age range and although I’ve just turned 22, I want to start protecting my skin from now! With the aid of ProEnergy Complex the range helps to strengthen the skins structure and fight signs of ageing caused by everyday stress. As a university student in her final year, life is all about stress right now and I’m guessing it’s playing havoc on my skin for the long run. I need to look after it right now.

Avon say ‘Hectic lifestyles, demanding schedules and a whole host of external factors can cause stress and can manifest itself on your skin, especially in the mid 20’s, when the primary signs of ageing begin to develop. ANEW Vitale is formulated to allow fr an efficient delivery of nutrients to your skin to help fight ageing and leave it looking energised’ – I could do with a bit of that!


What I really like about this cream is the SPF 25 it contains. This is the first cream I’ve used and liked that has SPF in it, all the others I hated the texture of. They seem to leave like a white residue after application and I really disliked that however this one doesn’t do that at all. I’ve really been wanting to include SPF into my skincare and I think it’s about time too. I even bought SPF on its own to implement it into my routine, but I just hated it. I love how in this cream I’ve found a middle ground. I also love the scent and how it absorbs into my skin. This has most definitely become my going out cream, I wear it under make up and I know I’m covered on the SPF front. It’s quite moisturising and more than rich enough to go out in. It doesn’t leave a residue or anything, so the perfect day time cream.

Usually the cream is priced at £19.50 but it’s currently going for £12.00 here (at time of publishing)


However the Avon cream isn’t my only day cream. I still absolutely love my Elemis Fresh Skin Daily Moisturiser, which you can read about here. It’s more hydrating, and once my face has been blasted my the pollution of London, I come home take my make up off and slap some of this on. I’m on my second bottle of this, and I still adore it. It’s not the best going out cream, I prefer the Avon for that as it contains SPF and absorbs under make up well however it’s a hydration must have. If I know I’m not going out I reach for this and if I need some moisturiser top up I also go for this one. That being said, I think that these two work together really well for me and I’ve been liking having the option of both. I can easily see these two products staying with me into 2014.

So that was it for my day creams, I think I’ll do a post soon on my night cream too. Once I’ve shown you all individual products I will aim to do a whole skincare routine and show what I use on a day to day basis! I’m on the lookout for a rich moisturising eye cream so please let me know any suggestions! I hope you all have a great day, and until next time take care – Tanzina x

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  1. hi can you please tell me where to purchase the vitale cream? its not available through avon.

    • Hi lovely, unfortunately I am not sure where else you can get hold of it, best thing to do is keep checking the site x

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